Our SVS Virtual Studio November 2020 🍁

  • More kiddos. I’m really bad at this. I need a lotta practice. Some of them look not so bad, I suppose. F1AA5395-4A9F-4191-9796-464ECBA93144.jpeg
    My faves are the grinning redhead, the blushing boy, and the surprised girl. What are yours?

  • I have been working on using triadic colour schemes in double page spreads.


  • @skillydan this is a really attractive style -esp the paper cut out look.

  • Here’s a piece from a series I just finished up! If you’d like to see the rest I’ll be continuing to post the rest on my Instagram

  • I’ve been having a lot of difficulty with mental blocks lately so I really wanted to do something fun. I decided to do my own Christmas card this year, with my dog as the star of the show!


  • Decided that since I finished a major paper for one of my classes, I would reward myself by participating in folktale week. I did the prompt for birth. It is a folktale that the ox and donkey were at Christ’s birth. It is based on an allusion in Isaiah 1:3

  • Finished a 2-page spread in a children’s book I’m working on.9310F69A-B5ED-46BB-876B-E9724437FB4A.jpeg

  • Thank you @Heather-Boyd 🙂 I really enjoyed working on this piece and everything just kind of fell into place exactly how I wanted it to.

  • runningcartoon.jpg
    I wasn't sure if this thread was supposed to be finished pieces or not but I doodled this last night while watching tv and thought it might make someone at least chuckle.

  • I am re doing some advent pieces, because I want to eventually create an advent book. The first is the traditionally done one and the second is the digital do over. What do ya think?

  • Just finished a Zombie Butler maquette based on a sketch I made in October. This started out as halloween project to work on with my kids (they made their own zombies) and as a pressure release from Inktober, but as the quiet hours piled up with my hands in the clay, I started to think of the world and character "Reggie" would inhabit, and now I've got the beginnings of an idea for a graphic novel (probably aimed at middle schoolers) where a couple of foster kids run away and hide out in a haunted house, where they are protected and raised by the undead servants (kinda like "The Graveyard Book" meets "Beauty and the Beast"). Reggie is the butler and leader of the staff, and he'll be joined by a ghostly maid and gargoyle guard dog. My plan is to continue to noodle around with the character design while fleshing out the story. Isn't it crazy how a goofy little sketch can take off on you like that?


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    I've been listening to Sanderson's Rhythm of War, his latest in his Stormlight Archive series. I doodled something that was inspired by the illustration work of Isaac Stewart, who does a lot of the illustrations in his series. Stewart designed a series of "glyphs" that were symmetrical, and executed with a wide-tipped calligraphy brush. I ended up doing something reminiscent of a blend of Asian, Native-American, Celtic, and Meso-American influences completely by accident. I did a "fox" image because I was able to completely "check-out" and let it just evolve out of my fingers without thinking about it. It was such a good feeling, such a relaxing un-stressful experience that I just kept going... Kinda enamored with it now. I'll be making more of these at least until I get done with the audiobook! LOL!


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    @Coreyartus the bear is my favorite. These are cool. I haven’t played with the Symmetry tool yet. Looks like fun. 👍

  • @VeronicaMui I love the pose of the girl & the composition in this piece!

  • IMG_20201122_202212_432.jpg
    Working on my take on a Warwick Johnson Caldwell design of a Star Wars character. I know, I'm obsessed with sculpting Star Wars. It's a whole thing.


  • I've had a lot of false starts this month but I managed to finished some of the projects I started in October! Sometimes I get worried I'm not finishing artwork fast enough but that's just social media talking. So here's one of the pieces that took forever.Jack-o-lantern - smaller.PNG

  • Some of the environments I've been working on. Trying to do a lot of different types with interiors and exteriors, playing with light, etc. I can see how these can suck up a TON of time, so I had to put a cap on it after the first one. So these are a bit rough and I'm capping the time to 95 minutes max so the month doesn't disappear on me 😛

    Had some thoughts of developing some locations for a story idea I've been working on - the last one would be Beaver's place.


    One issue I'm trying to figure out is that these so far have ended up being pretty painterly in approach - not really any linework at all. I think I need to try and do some that are completely worked out in lines and that might really shorten the work time. I think in general I'm trying to pull back process to speed up finishing projects hah.

  • @azupcsan I love the pumpkin stack! They have such great facial expressions 😄

  • This month I am working on some festive prints for my online shop

    Riendeer Wreath Color.jpg

  • @burvantill

    Joined Folktaleweek for the third time this year and came up with this little witch for the "ritual" prompt on day 2 🙂Ritual.jpg

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