Hello from Tasmania! Aspiring graphic novel illustrator

  • Hi there, folks. First time posting in the forums - I’m Ben, from tiny little Hobart, Tasmania. Same city as the makers of Procreate!

    I’ve been quietly working on my first graphic novel project this year. I’m being forced to take a little break while I sort out some technical problems, but I’ve got 20 pages of finished art to show so far, out of a total of 34 for the first chapter. I’ve been shy about showing much of it outside of close friend circles, but it’s getting to a point now where I could really do with expert feedback (and maybe some cheer squad action as I get close to the finish line!).

    I’ll go into more detail on another thread, but in short: it’s an urban fantasy story for kids 9-12, with an autistic protagonist and themes of home and belonging. I’m autistic myself and involved in a few self-advocacy circles, so it’s got lived experience going into it. I’m hoping it goes some way toward offering authentic representation.

    Here are a few sample pages from early in the story. See you around the forums!




  • Welcome Ben! These pages look great! Making a graphic novel is a lot of work. You have clearly put a lot of time into it. I love your use of lighting. Can't wait to see more 😀

  • @blamillo Hello and welcome! I agree with @K-Flagg your lighting is nice and I think your colours really bring it to life (esp. on the first page). I would continue to read it, from a experiential perspective I've never had. But I understand loosing "place" and so I empathize.

  • SVS OG

    @blamillo hello! welcome to the forum. I love your comics

  • @blamillo These are beautiful. I love your color consistency- and basically all of your consistency. Really well done! Can't wait to see more from you

  • SVS OG

    These are great. Well done.

  • @blamillo i love this style! I would love to buy this comic once its done!

  • @blamillo these look great so far! Thank you for sharing!

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