Yellow or Green?

  • Trying to build up a collection of kids to seek out commissions on the side and decided to start with my own son in a style that would be more appealing (I usually prefer dots for eyes, but I think eye color would be important for some). As with any 1 year old he is always making a mess so it seemed only right to illustrated him that way.

    However, i'm a bit stuck on whether green or yellow works best for the background. Yellow gives everything a happier and warmer feel, whereas green helps to pop him out more and pose him for a "I caught you" moment. I like green, but my wife likes yellow. Any preference?



  • @Gary-Wilkinson Very cute! 😊 I definitely prefer the contrast of the subject on the green background. The tone of the yellow background is too close to the peachy skin tones making the eyes and hair stand out inordinately.

  • I think both versions work really well. They give different vibes to the image but both are good if they are meant to be hanging in a kid room.

    As for showcasing the work online, I might use a green background. As people spent little time looking at your website, it might be an advantage using an image with more contrast.

  • The green background does make him pop out, but I have to say I prefer the feeling the yellow background gives, I'd try to change the color of the boy's skin to a slightly lighter color so that you can differentiate the two.

  • Aw so cute! Definitely the green for me. It really makes your illustration pop! The little boy's face and his toys stand out more and it feels fresher and more vibrant. Maybe if you made his skin tone really dark it would work better on the yellow? Love it! 🙂

  • Green! 🙂 If orange, then maybe you could try a less saturated orange...? Anyway, fantastic as always!

  • Super adorable Gary! Definitely green for advertising, it makes all the other details pop. But if clients are planning to print it and hang in their homes, a neutral color will look more pleasing printed and hung in a nursery for example.

  • SVS OG

    @Gary-Wilkinson Both look really good but The Green one compliments nicely with the boy’s skin and red box.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson I can see why your wife likes yellow. I think the drawings on the wall pop out more with the green wall while the purple spilled juice pops out more with the yellow (for obvious complementary reasons). I somehow prefer the green but I understand why the yellow is so appealing, it's warm but I like how the drawings stand out more on the green one.

  • Hi @Gary-Wilkinson, perhaps an off white wall with yellow floor?

  • I like the overall feel of the yellow background more. However, I definitely agree with the idea that for advertising your services; the green one might better serve the purpose because it pops more.

  • @Jeremy-Ross I like this idea. white with yellow floor!

  • I like the green one because it seems to pop more. I wonder if instead of greens you used blues instead.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Maybe try the yellow one where the background is just a bit darker to help the character pop. I think the yellow one, at least for me, is more appealing as a color scheme, but the green one has a better contrast between the background and foreground.

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Man... this choice is just a matter of taste. Do I like complimentary or analogous schemes more... I'm going to go with the yellow, because my brain keeps trying to tell me that the green background with the red tray is "Christmas."

  • @Gary-Wilkinson Hmmm... interesting dilemma. I do like the feel of the yellow one more (personal pref because I love yellow and limited color schemes), BUT the green background does help the kid pop more (I also like the lighting). I think my problem with the green one is the red box; because of the contrast with the green, I feel like it's trying to compete for the viewer's attention.

    Unless the box has to be red for any reason, I personally would go with the green background but make the box a cool or more desaturated color, so the warm colors are primarily on the kid's face/skin.

    Regardless of choice, adorable picture!

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