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  • Hey everyone!

    I recently got some pins made for my new shop (check it out here! and I’m thinking about what else to make. I’m thinking stickers, patches, tote bags, prints so far, but I’m curious to what you guys do.

    Thanks in advance!

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    @Kyle-Tobey , I've always been fascinated by those enamel pins... They seem like so much fun!! Do you have any resources you can share, or directions in which to point me to educate myself that you found helpful? I've seen these being made by artists all the time, and I think I may want to jump on that bandwagon.

    Yours are particularly slick! Kudos!!

  • @Coreyartus I did a bunch of research of YouTube leading up to it.its a lot of individual choices you have to make. How many do you want? What design? Colors? Type of pin? I went with a US manufacturer that works with a bunch of bands to make sure I get a good quality. Not saying anything bad about other manufacturers, but I hear horror stories from people where things just get lost in translation. Or designs being “Borrowed”

    I went with Night Owls print shop. They’re based in Houston. I will 100% be using them for everything going forward. But you might want better margins and go with an overseas factory directly. Some people have GREAT stories!I got the backers from a business card company. Researched environmentally friendly packaging, spent $114 on envelopes, and more. It’s really breaking down every part of the process. Do you want to pay more for glitter? Or a back stamp or double clutch?

    It’s hard because it does cost money up front, and now I’m sitting on almost 200 pins.

    But I now have a product, with my artwork on it. And it’s almost a side thought now. Sometimes I sit down to design pins, other times I’ll pull something from my art and it just happens.

    Maybe I’ll make a video breaking down the entire process? But in the meantime, hope his helps!

    Ps-I’m happy to share my manufacturer with you guys (artists help artists!) but never share with customers and friends. You’ll get asked a million times, if they’re serious they can find the answer! No one asks Green Day where they print they’re shirts, you know? 🙂

    Pss- thanks for checking them out! Posting pictures of them for shameless self promotion. 🙂0ED89822-944F-455A-9E56-0900DE989270.jpeg

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    WOW @Kyle-Tobey thank-you SO MUCH!!! I'm really really thankful you shared with us where you had your pieces done by--that's so helpful! I had heard that a lot of folks got their pieces manufactured in China and I'm so happy to hear there's a US supplier closer to home that can do the work. You've saved me days of research, I truly appreciate that. I suspect I will soon plunge down the rabbit hole to make some of these myself, but you've really encouraged me just by telling me about Night Owls. I will be doing business with them for sure!

  • @Coreyartus They are a fantastic company to work with. I think their factory is still overseas, but they made it so so easy.

    I’m already thinking about my next set...

  • @Kyle-Tobey I love your presentation!

  • @Mara-Price thank yoooou!!

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