September Submission Corrections.

  • This one was a punch in the gut. After naturally wanting to fight back , then toss and turn with defeat, I’m finally on my third and more professional step...Humility. I am finally able to be more subservient and rework on the piece.

    I expanded the story element of the picture and brought out more of the values in the fairy.

    Deep down inside I am thankful for the opportunity to participate in the challenge and converse with this community. Just working on getting past myself.

    Much love,




  • Don’t take it so hard - the image is beautiful! And you’re not only putting yourself out there, which takes a lot of courage to begin with, but you’re getting back to work and trying again and again. You’re developing thicker skin along with advancing your skill. Things can only go up and you’re on the right path!! Just keep going!

  • I agree with @VeronicaMui -- you are doing great work by participating & working through your feelings until you get to the point where you can keep learning and growing. It's an admirable quality to appreciate constructive critiques.

    The second image does have a lot more contrast. Something you might want to ask yourself is "What do I want the viewer to see first?" The stark contrast of the white page against the black background & the white thumb against the black phone make me look to those areas first. But it's not a picture of a thumb or a note.

    You might consider changing the black phone and background to a lighter shade and focus on the contrast between the fairy and the things around her. The edges of the fairy are touching the table, ink well, and the spurting ink. This is where you could increase the contrast to put the focus of the image on her. Also, I couldn't tell what the finger on the pen was at first, so you might want to take it out (as if they are holding the pen further from the point) or rework it. The one holding the phone is well done & easy to "read" as a finger.

  • @VeronicaMui You're absolutely right. It is my natural way that i toss and turn with. Thank you for the reminder.

  • @Miriam Thank-you for your insights and comfort. I am working on sharing my feelings instead of internalizing. I hope is doesn't sound as if I am just whining. I am working through my feelings. I also recognize that I have much to learn.

    I really enjoy your insight. When thinking about what I want the audience to see, what would be the best approach? Would it be Lighting contrast? Would it be depth placement? Would it be composition placement? Something else or a combination?

  •'s all relative! I worked hard on this one, as we all did I can imagine and no mention..not even a passing 'meh' 😁 Somehow I had the impression that this session they were going to give each one a tiny crit..something they did a few months that was why I entered. Didn't someone mention that in the session the month before?? Or am I just making things up.
    There was so much about yours that was great..I loved it when I first saw it. So, we have portfolio pieces..or something to work further as you did. Nice job.

  • @djlambson Yes! I heard @Will-Terry say that too. I was really looking forward to hearing what they thought I could work on. I hope that they can set aside some time to do that in the future. Even a 10 second crit is so helpful!

    And @dafoota, I hear you. It is so hard to put yourself out there, especially when you put so much of your heart into something. I keep telling myself that if nothing else, entering the challenge is getting a piece to the final stages, and giving me that much more practice. Glad we're all in this together and able to talk about it! 🙂

  • @JoshuaDages I apologize I thought I had responded to you. Thank you for your perspective. I am also thankful for this community and the ability to communicate. To be honest, I really would like to make it to the top 16 just to get the critique. I know they see things with professional lens.

  • Hi @dafoota, you can submit your revision in the Inktober Critique thread for a live critique.

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