Effect Vehicle Design Assignments

  • Your car caricatures are so good. You really pushed those proportions while still keeping them recognizable. Makes me feel like I didn't exaggerate them enough, haha! Great work!

  • @demotlj Thanks Laurie! I actually stopped working on the course for a couple of months because I'm not big on drawing vehicles either. Since I really wanted to finish the course , I got myself going and it turned out to be a lot of fun!

  • @Jacy13 Thanks Jacy! I had to work at it! It still doesn't come naturally.

  • Hi Leah, I'm new here and just perusing the forums, but I wanted to say that I think your work is really well done! It's clear you've put a lot of effort into learning how to design vehicles in a way that informs story and character. Wish I had a helpful critique to give but I am a beginner myself. Keep up the good work!

  • @marg Thanks Marg! I appreciate that. I'm pretty new at all this stuff too. Looking forward to seeing your work. Sorry for the late response. I've been sidetracked by some personal stuff.

  • Here is Assignment 3 for the Vehicles class - combining multiple source images into one boat design, using only line and shadow, displaying them from an angle different in the reference photos. I chose to combine a tiny houseboat with a submarine. Who wouldn't want to go camping under the sea in this little guy!! 😁

    SVSLearn Vehicles Assign 3.jpg ![0_1604930221998_Vehicles Assignment Three.jpg](Uploading 100%)

  • Anyone else about to start (or just started) this class? I'm hoping to find a few fellow forum-dwellers to go through the course more or less simultaneously... :-]

    ➡ https://forum.svslearn.com/topic/10369/effective-vehicle-design-looking-for-fellow-classmates

  • @Leah-Boulet It's looking good! Cool idea as well 🙂

  • @Leah-Boulet Fantastic work! It looks like you're really pushing yourself. Good job.

  • Thanks Shane! I am totally working outside my box in this course but it sure feels like I am really learning lots!

  • Here is Assignment 5 - an original aircraft based on one of the thumbnails made in Assignment 4. First here is the thumbnail I liked.

    Gestures 1.jpg

    I am not much of a aircraft type person and definitely not mechanically inclined. I really liked the floating sushi bar by Shane in his demo, and I have always loved Lee White's flying contraptions in his work, so that is the direction I ended up going. I think it is a little early 19th century combined with steam punk?? It just sort of developed as I went along and I had fun with it. I hope that there is a story here. The balls on the strings are supposed to be the equivalent to something hanging off the mirror in a car. The wires to run the propeller are in the tubes which hook to the console (totally not mechanically inclined Lol!)

    Assignment 5 A.jpg

    After I was done I realized that I should have been doing a spaceship! So...I decided that the business that manufactured this weird taxi cab in the early 19th century managed to stay in business for 200 years and made a spaceship type taxi cab along the same lines as the first model, with a few modifications. Still not mechanically inclined on this one either! Lol

    Assignment 5 B.jpg

    I had some problems getting the propeller/rocket perspective right, so if anyone can show me how to angle it better, that would be great. Also, I still need to work on my shading techniques. I've taken Lee's course but have lots of practice to do. Suggestions on how to improve on this would be great also. Thanks so much.


    I finished the final assignment for Effective Vehicle Design! We were to design a car or truck, taking into account all the things we learned through the course. So here are the images for my car. I did the silhouettes, picked three, did some thumbnails then settled on the little guy. It is an electric car owned by an uber-active teenage girl who is totally passionate about climate change and other environmental issues.

    I added color two ways - one is watercolor and the other is my first attempt at using the computer to add color (I have Adobe Photoshop Elements 10). I should have used a heavier paper as the cardstock buckled because I used too much water trying to get an intense color. I love the bright colors done by the computer though I struggled trying to add shadow. Computer work is a whole other learning curve that I am not certain I'm ready to tackle yet. Lol. I'm still working on learning the drawing. 🙂
    You have a great way of teaching Shane and I learned lots. Thanks so much!

    Electric Car thumbnails 1.jpg

    Electric Car Large Thumbnails.jpg

    Electric Car JPEG.jpg

    Electric Car 2.jpeg

    Electric Car Colored.jpg

  • @Leah-Boulet Congratulations on finishing the course! Your final design is too cute! It's very groovy 😃

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