Rough Sketch for Portfolio

  • Hi folks just checking for comprehension in this rough.

    It was originally to be for the ink fairy prompt but given that I've watched that deadline sail past I'm going to use it for a portfolio piece 🙂

    The idea is that I will make the camera look like it's made out of cardboard boxes and books on ink fairies in the final rendering. I've so appreciated everyone's feedback on this piece to date - thank you, thank you!

    Untitled_Artwork 1.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I like it! I like the idea, the figure's posture, and all the slightly wacky trapezoids. I have two thoughts for improvement. One is that there is an awful lot of empty space on the sides (especially on the left), so perhaps the girl and her materials could be a little bigger and/or you could lower the string of photos on the ceiling a bit. The other is that the camera might be pointed at her a little more accurately. Maybe she doesn't expect the fairy to appear exactly where she is, but somehow I think it would serve comprehension better that way, or at least it should be clear that it's not a mistake. Look forward to seeing this progress!

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