January 3rd Thursday - Help with color!

  • Hello everyone,

    My original January 3rd thursday thread was starting to have a lot of messages, so I thought I would start a new one! At this point, I am still trying to figure out colors... I did color studies before I started the final painting, but I guess they weren't good, because now I keep changing the colors on everything!

    Some of you commented that you liked the blue/yellow scheme, but is it to much ? I am struggling to add variety in my colors but still keep a somewhat united palette... I am definitely going to take a color theory class soon! (as soon as I am done with the composition class I just started!)

    Thanks in advance for the help!

    Stanley - WIP 9.jpg

    I haven't started rendering the foreground bushes and the flower bed yet, and overall I still have some rendering to do, but I think I need to fix the colors first.

  • Hi, This has come on so much. It looks awesome. If it was me, I would change the colour of the mums top. It blends too much the grass and surrounding tones. I am just going the the "Light and Shadow course" and it talks about the warm / cool colours in a painting. maybe make some colours cooler and some warmer. Especially in the shadows. As it's a really warm day (going by the depth of shadows) maybe make the light areas pop a little more. I hope this helps. I am just learning myself. Awesome work. Have a great day.

  • for lighting reference I always like to see how Pixar handles it. They always really push the warm light cool shadow to great effect. Remember grass is not always green especially when in shadow. You seem to be missing a cast shadow from the baby on the mother. Cast shadows do a great job of revealing form as the wrap around an object.

  • This is really coming along! One thing I notice is the mom and baby aren't standing out. Their skin is the same color as the houses behind them and the green shirt blends into the bushes. Red always stands out. Try changing the mom's shirt to a rich pink or red (not Stanley's collar or Dad's shirt color. A brighter color.) Then add more red/pink tones to the baby and mom's faces and arms. Making the baby's face redder will also emphasize that he is wailing..not just pulling a face.

  • SVS OG

    @Joy-Heyer I think you are right on about the baby having a more pink/red face. As a little baby that is screaming at the top of their lungs (to cause that hideous noise that Stanley hears in the prompt) would definitely have themselves all worked up. Excellent observation!

  • I think I finally found colors that works! Please let me know if you agree! (be honest, I want to get better)

    I kept everything in a blue/purple and yellow scheme, except for the dog collar and the baby's shirt that I purposefully made red to indicate tension between the two (I hope it reads like that and it's not just in my head!)

    Now I have to work the light/shadows some more, increase the colors in the mom/baby's face and work on some details... I have been working on this piece for so long, I am starting to get slightly nauseated...


    Stanley - WIP 10.jpg

  • @NoWayMe I like the colors that you decided on. The red is a nice touch, and helps the baby and dog stand out.

  • @ShereeNorthrup Thanks!

  • Hopefully these suggestions won't nauseate you more...

    I would crop the image (watching for tangents), brighten the red of the dogs collar and baby's shirt, brighten the color of the mom's shirt, and add pink to the skin tones. Here is a quick draw over with those changes (not nearly executed as well as you can do!) I also grayed out the far houses, but I'm not sure that adds to the composition.

    draw over.jpg

  • Hello everyone! I think this is almost done... minus some minor details (like the flowers) Any things I should correct ?

    Also, I have trouble calibrating my cintiq colors properly... any tips on that ?

    Stanley - WIP 12.jpg

  • I think I am going to call it done...

    Stanley - Final.jpg

  • Well, I ended up putting a couple extra hours on this (but I actually think I ended up almost exactly where I started haha)... I hope it looks at least a little better!

    Stanley - Final 3.jpg

  • I like your last version much better. All the harsh high light are gone! great job.

  • @Naroth-Kean Thanks!

  • SVS OG

    Lovely job! I think you did a great job with the colors, mom pops out a little more and your eye isn't immediately drawn to dad's red shirt

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