New Ink Fairy Submission Ideas

  • Hi everyone, I created some new ideas for this month's contest. I'd love to hear which thumbnail you think is the strongest. I'm leaning towards the top left or bottom left but idk. Any feedback is welcome!
    image0 (1).jpeg

  • @Mary-Toth I think your thumbnails are so nice. I like 4 and 5.

  • I don’t think I understand number 5, but the other ones I do right away, and theyre all fun! I can’t pick what I like best. The one with the fairy just out of the photos is really cute, and bottom left too. The mission impossible music played in my head when I saw the one of her hanging down haha. They’re very playful and appealing!

  • @Mary-Toth i really like the one where she is raging and pulling her hair. So funny.

  • @Mary-Toth
    Great thumbnails! (waaaaayyyy more comprehensive than my scribbles haha) And they’re all good options! 4 gives me the easiest read for the story so far but it’s also the simplest idea and would probably need to be pushed more to give more suspense.

    The extreme lengths your Ellie is willing to go to in capturing that photo is really endearing - I would work on the compositions of 2 and 5 with the hanging by a rope idea.. right now they’re not telling me the story as clearly as they could be (in 2 it’s confusing how she is above the fairy shadow and the furniture gains a lot of attention and in 5 it looks like she’s missed the shot again because the fairy is exiting the frame)

  • @Mary-Toth Your thumbnails are nicer quality than my finished product, haha! I love the one on the bottom left. The idea that the fairy is trying to figure out the plan, but that's kind of the trap, is great! Really cool ideas all around!

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