Jan 3rd Thursday

  • The humans are invading! Here's my initial sketch of this monthโ€™s 3rd Thursday. At first I was going to do a classic 1950's Robot invasion but I thought I would flip it around play on what it might be like if a group of kids invaded a world of little robots. Let me know what you think any criticism or advice is welcomed.

    Stanley illustration.jpg

  • SVS OG

    I love it! What a fun idea. Beautifully drawn and composed too. The one thing I thought, was at first I didn't understand why Stanley was looking up and away from the humans - it was only second/third read that I realised that there's a shadow of a hand - great idea!! ...but you'll need to carefully calibrate how obvious you want that shadow to be. Personally I think it could be a little darker/more clear, as if the hand is only just out of the frame. But it's really nice! Will be great to see how you take it further ๐Ÿ™‚

    PS One other thing I'm thinking about, having looked at it a bit...I know Stanley has to rush outside because that's what the text says...but he looks like he is full on running away from the house to get away from the human. Would he actually run away from the house? (because the human's surely gonna catch him that way), or having rushed outside, would he stop in horror and then turn to run inside and hide (that's what I would do). I don't know what your full story is here (I want to know!) but just things to think about when fine-tuning your gestures ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Hi Dulcie, thanks for the kind words... the direction Stanley was facing was a challenge, I initially had him looking at the kids but then it was hard to see much of his face. I was attempting to make it look like he was running outside to see what the noise was about and then got surprised by the hand coming down at him. Maybe if I made him standing like he came to a sudden stop that would come across better. And I totally agree the shadow needs to be darker to draw more attention to it.

  • You've got some skilz there! Great sketch and concept. The only thing that gives me pause is why would a robot live 'there'? The scenery seems very 'human' to me. Even the church cross on the horizon reads 'human'. Maybe it's boys playing with their robot toys instead of an invasion of a robot world. Just sayn'.

  • @JoshuaGarner Hi Joshua - I love the creativity of your concept - I think the visual communication might read faster if you did two things...but first let me say that your drawing is really nice and I'm not suggesting that my drawing should be used - only for conveying my ideas...

    1. I think you need a robot landscape with robot dwellings rather than human dwellings...since you're reversing it I think the humans should be invading a new land to convey the fact that they are invading.

    2. I think you have to show and play up the scale of the standing stomping kid compared to the small robot in the foreground.

    I realize this completely changes your image proportions...

    Hope I'm not stepping on your toes - I realize we only have a few days...567657657.jpg

  • Thanks Will. I did make a few changes to the landscape, replacing the organics (trees and bushes) to resemble capacitors and coils. If I thought I could manage the redraw in time I definitely would take the route of making it an entirely alien landscape. I initially had plans to do a 1950 suburban image but didn't fully think through how that would communicate the overall story.

    Stanley illustration s2.jpg

  • First, let me say you have absolutely stunning drawing skills!

    I love this piece! I think @ Will Terry had a good point about the storytelling and changing the scenery to a more "roboty world" I know the deadline is near and the changes you made are already great! But what it, without changing completely the main building, you would change the windows/door to make them more roboty ? E.g. round "submarine style" window and door ? You could even use the circular thingy you added as windows (making them a little bigger and replacing the actual windows with them)

    If you don't have time or choose to stay with this drawing (which I repeat is GREAT) I would change one thing on the main building though. I feel like the left broder of the image is really too close to the door. I would either crops it to see only part of the door, or show a little more building on the left side of the door.

    Hope it helps!

  • Thanks for the advice NoWayMe, and the kind words. I agree I think there is a few more smaller tweaks I can manage in time to make the houses look a little more robotic looking. Perhaps the front doors could be like industrial garage doors... And thanks also for the advice on the cropping. I hadn't realized that the door frame was in line with the edge like that, I think you're right I need to crop in it a bit.

  • SVS OG

    This makes me grin! I love it! A couple easy fixes to make the house look more industrial would be to eliminate the crosses in the windows, just making them a single pane of glass, and "pop-rivet" the siding to give it a metal look. Your trees look so industrial that they don't look like they would produce wood for the houses...they are awesome too lol

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