Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?

  • It's so validating and inspiring to see most people making it their own in some way. I don't think I've ever done Inktober or any other Insta art challenge for that matter. This year I'm choosing three prompts from different October art challenges and combing them into one piece. So for example for one of the weeks I'll be taking a prompt from Mab's Drawlloween, #hexoween, and Inktober - Vampire bat + Yokai + Sleep - to create one illustration.

  • @ajillustrates Might I ask how you plan on getting a 100 new followers? I really am curious about the subject. I try to post regulary but it's a slow climb at this point on my social media game. Not sure if I should be implementing different tactics to increase the exposure/awarness of my art...

    I am defs doing Inktober this year! I've been looking forward to it the whole year haha
    I have'nt planned anything around it. I just figured I will jump in with a sketch each day. I will be following the prompt list (I'm not very good at generating my own prompts). I do want to make it into a little zen at the end of the month and maybe sell it if the sketches are good enough. We will see ^^

    You guys can keep an eye on my work on IG @Bezalel_Studio if you're interested 🙂

  • I was planning on participating but was so turned off by the legal issues last year that inktober has simply left me with a bad taste in my mouth. I'm not looking for a discussion and Jake was well within his rights to trademark what he created I however found the entire thing distasteful.

  • I plan on participating in Mab Graves - Drawloween! (mostly because I like her prompts a lot) and she has a "reduced" list which I appreciate and feels more digestible. So I'll be doing one of the shorter lists - and my hopes is that I'll create a couple dimensional pieces for it!

  • Hi everyone! I'm preparing to take part in inktober this year for the first time.

    1. Are you going to do one large piece, or multiple/daily pieces?
    I'll be doing daily pieces.
    2. Will you be sticking to the prompt list?
    I'm combining the prompt list with a list of my own for Bugtober. I picked 31 bugs that I'd like to design characters of and associated each one to a prompt that made sense (even if only just vaguely lol)
    3. Will you be planning/sketching ahead of time, or will you be winging it daily?
    I've started sketching out the characters. Some of the sketches are a lot clearer than others at the moment, and I'm not sure if all my sketches will be done by the time that October comes around, so I'll probably wing it a little bit.
    4. What is the main thing you want to take away from the experience?
    My goal is firstly to build exposure on my socials, but I'm also excited to make a habit of drawing every day.

    I've had this idea for a couple years to do a boardgame set in a world like A Bug's Life. When the month is over I'm hoping to have 31 characters that I'll then colour and then develop the game around.

  • @SorbetDraws Sounds like a solid plan to help you work towards that bug board game goal, I’m intrigued!

  • @Scharon I'm hoping to get 100 new followers by posting quality drawings each day of October. I'm starting to get followers who are finding me even between posts, so I'm thinking the daily consistency and exposure bump of Inktober will boost that further.

  • Oh I'll probably do it, I've been doing it every year for a while now, though only fully finished a few times. I've never worked off the prompt list though, I've always given myself my own theme or constraint to work with. I'll see what I come up with this year, may do it all with brush pen and or brush and ink. I'd like to get better working with the brush and I could see this even benefiting my watercolor.

  • @ajillustrates Oh I see! That sounds like a plan 🙂 good luck may it go well.

  • I will be doing Tim Burton characters 🙂 . I never actually follow the promt list, I just want do to something I would really enjoy, as I don't think I make enough illustrations, so making 31 little ones just encourages me for ahead. I already started sketching them (here's a little sneak peek), and I'll be colouring them as the pumpkins illo on the right.


  • I'm tuning into inktober again, but differently this year. It has been quite productive, but so exhaustive last year that I feel an inner resistance in following the prompt list again. I actually wanted to draw a little story with two characters, which advances with each day's prompt ... but - it won't make so much sense from a certain point. Now after breeding over the list with no more idaes, I decided to check out what you guys are doing and found Josh's approach quite helpful:

    @jdubz said in Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?:

    I think I'll be doing it this year, but I'm not planning on following the prompt list. I found it a bit of a slog last year, so I think what I'm going to do instead is break it down into 4 weeks, pick what appeals most from the prompt list or just use a project subject I've been thinking about doing it, then spend a week at a time doing each one.

    Thanks Josh, this helped me coming up with this:

    Are you going to do one large piece, or multiple/daily pieces?
    one a day or one in each five days - still to be decided.

    Will you be sticking to the prompt list?
    I'll stay with the official prompt list, but separate it into bundles of five days and pick the one that attracts me most of each bundle. Then I'll be working on this prompt for five days (six days for the last bundle).

    Will you be planning/sketching ahead of time, or will you be winging it daily?
    I'll collect ideas within the next days and will try to sketch some of them. But I'll certainly not have a finished sketch for each day when october comes 😉

    What is the main thing you want to take away from the experience ?
    Good you're asking, because I think it's helpful to know what I'm creating for. I'd like to some visibility. And I want some pieces for my portfolio OR pieces I can use as a base for doing some coloured versions of for my portfolio.

  • This is my first year taking it seriously. I started last year but teetered off. I’m currently stuck on “Throw.” I’d like to be totally done with the ink part be October first, so on the day of I can color before posting.

    I didn’t want to do a lot of characters at first, but I ended up doing a lot of characters.
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  • This will be my first year and I’m curious, I had hoped to use inktober as a practice and growing month to develop my digital art skills and abilities as I’m just starting out using the iPad Pro and Procreate and I know inktober is about inking and breaking away from digital, but does anyone else use a digital approach or is this strictly taboo for inktober?

    I had planned to follow the prompt list and work digitally in a black and white, ink-like approach, but now I’m not so sure.

  • I will be giving each day a go, but only for practice. Not really done much ink work in quite a while so slowly going through Jake's video tutorial. Surprisingly I found some inktober licensed/sponsored (?) pens which was surprising as I living in Japan


  • @danielerossi said in Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?:


    I saw on Ins many artists use other media, which is totally not ink for Inktober. Some uses traditional media, which is not even a mimic of ink. So my question is, does inktober has to have ink/digital ink?

  • @idid My personal take is that if you're not using ink/digital ink, then you're not really taking part in Inktober, just capitilizing off the increased exposure the hashtag would get you. I kinda see it like if there was a football art challenge, but you posted a series of baseball drawings using the #footballartchallenge tag, because you figured that "Hey, they're sports fans too, so they'll totally dig my stuff."

  • @erinrew I know many dont view it this way but the premise of any art challenge is to help you improve so what ever you want to improve on I would go with that. Personally I am planning to do digital as well because I don't have much practice in it and would really like to improve in it. Also I am planning on trying to use inktober to build up the habit of drawing every day which I am currently not so great at. 😅 so thats my take on it

  • @ajillustrates et. al. This year I'm doing my own Inktober for the first time! @Nyrryl-Cadiz, is this what you count as "Faux Inktober"?

    Are you going to do one large piece, or multiple/daily pieces?
    Multiple pieces, hoping for daily

    Will you be sticking to the prompt list?
    Decided to do my own thing this year. I've been working on a world with about 20 original characters, so I'm going to finally pen them! Kind of an #Inktober/#OCoctober combo.

    Will you be planning/sketching ahead of time, or will you be winging it daily (I think both approaches have their value, depending on your immediate goals)?
    I'm sketching ahead. My process is/will be 1) Traditional sketch, 2) Scan and tweak in Ps 3) Print out and traditionally ink over (got this from Jake), 4) Then scan again and tweak before posting. 5) Repeat 20 times... Haha, I'm nuts.

    What is the main thing you want to take away from the experience (practice, project, increased exposure, etc.)?
    I want to "up" my inking skills, my digital illustration skills and my coloring skills (oh yeah, 6) I'm going color every character during the end of October, beginning of November, 😱) I would also like to gain 50ish new followers.

    Excited to follow everyone's projects!

  • @ambiirae Thank you. This is my thinking too. I need to learn how to use procreate and develop my digital art skills so I was going to go digital, but with an inked feel. I also need to build a portfolio so I was hoping to have some pieces at the end I could add to my website.

  • @Kyle-Tobey excellent work! Love the cat. Makes me think of sort of a feline James Bond.

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