Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?

    1. Are you going to do one large piece, or multiple/daily pieces?

    I was planning on drawing all the prompts but now it looks like my schedule may only accommodate a few. Would be cool to do one large piece covering all the prompts! Would make a great game, actually. Find all the pieces in the drawings that correspond to each prompt.

    1. Will you be sticking to the prompt list?


    1. Will you be planning/sketching ahead of time, or will you be winging it daily (I think both approaches have their value, depending on your immediate goals)?

    This year I’ve decided to plan ahead but as per #1 above, my schedule got in the way of that, too! However, I did manage to plan out two drawings so I hope to at the very least, have them inked and posted.

    1. What is the main thing you want to take away from the experience (practice, project, increased exposure, etc.)?

    Nice finished drawings that I can be proud about 🙂

  • this is my 2nd year, finished all 31 prompt list in 2019.

    1. Are you going to do one large piece, or multiple/daily pieces?

    daily pieces. i find it much more interesting to come up with ideas, although it can be very harsh and hard, when you don't feel connected to a word, and then you just improvise. but that's fine too. the idea part is very important to me, like what can you create with a single word, what does it mean to me? what does it evoke? and if it doesn't, why? also it keeps my mind very very busy on the creative part.
    and a great composition exercise to think about the different ways to deliver the idea.

    1. Will you be sticking to the prompt list?

    yes. because i think its harder. sometimes it can take away the fun-but not take away the challenge. which is important to me, since it is kind of an exercise. besides, i am much more experienced than my first inktober. i gathered alot more experience in almost every field.
    not that its any good yet. but its better.

    1. Will you be planning/sketching ahead of time, or will you be winging it daily ?
      winging it daily. since that is part of the challenge. i mean if i had like a sudden emergency which my time was taken from me,
      then i might compensate on later days. if I finish the daily before the end of the day, it also means i am free for the rest of the day, to think about other stuff 😃

    4.What is the main thing you want to take away from the experience
    just practice basically. its such a hard combo this competition. the ideating, thinking over it, the composition, what will work, what will not, next there's perspective, figure, proportion, anything else, and how to shadow in ink, which i also improved a bit there, so its going to be fun-practice wise.

    but also, i would want to see how and if my drawings and thinking have improved from last year. see my progress there.

    and also i post in DA so it will be interesting to see, what pieces are more likeable, or more easier to understand. which is like getting sort of a feedback, I used to do it on facebook which was very time consuming. but i quit facebook. so only on DA.

    also i found that smaller sketchbooks are much faster, and somewhat easier in certain fields. so i moved from the a4 to a like 3rd of that size, so in that manner, it will also be interesting to see how i deal with this.


  • My plan was to participate in Inktober this year for the first time ever but I’m having serious second thoughts after brainstorming the prompt list realising just how much of a commitment it will be! I have plenty of ideas and have begun thumbnails but feel limited by my inexperience vs. my perfectionism. Composition is such a struggle for me right now that I think I’m going to have to compromise quantity for the sake of quality or I’ll go loco 🤪

  • I'm doing thumbnail ink paintings on scrap paper this year (like 2x2 inches or smaller prob). It's the first year I plan to fully commit to inktober so I'm excited! I'm making pieces ahead of time that don't follow the prompts (just rando illustrations)but I might try to make extra images to go with the prompts too. I might just have to post twice a day, we'll see.

  • I am making another story with my inktober cat. Already have an idea about it and I am even making some sketches. It will be my 3th year drawing this character. And I will use as always the official list.
    This is my inktober from 2019

  • @ajillustrates said in Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?:

    planning/sketching ahead

    Good luck to everyone doing Inktober this year. I will be doing daily pieces and staying with the prompt list. Last year was my first year posting any of my artwork online and I started with Inktober. It was a great Art stimulus. I am hoping to make all 31 days again this year. Here is the cover I did and the first prompt.Cover.jpgRing1.jpg

  • @Dima-Eichhorn That’s so funny, my chosen theme for Inktober is also based around cats (to explore a storyline concept I have: ‘Cat’s are always right’ 😺), and from my research it seems to be a common focal topic!

  • @ajillustrates I'm going to take part this year. I don't think I'll be doing all the prompts though, I'm just going to pick and choose the ones that appeal to me the most. I don't really work in black and white so it's a nice opportunity to try something different. I'll be creating my pieces in traditional media, last year I did inking with a paintbrush. 🙂

  • @ajillustrates I am doing it. As I have it in mind now,I am going for the prompt list and I will probably draw/combine 3-4 prompts in a larger piece.
    My goal as I think about it is to have 8 to 10 smaller pieces by the end of the month, each containing 3 to 4 prompts.
    Also I m going for character design and props, with some background elements that will suit them 🙂

    Oh and I ll be going digital inks, because that is the main thing I do when I work,and I want to see some results there.

    I ll definately do some traditional inks through the month though.

    Cheers fellas!!

  • Hello,
    Can someone explain to me what is inktober . I know it has something to do with making ink illustrations, but is it only for svs ? Or is it something more general. And who makes the prompts list, also, how can I participate.
    Sorry for my lack of knowledge haha.

  • @Rachel-Horne Excited to see which prompts you tackle!

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos What program do you use for digital inking, and do you have a go-to digital brush?

  • @ghadeer-nimer Inktober was created by Jake Parker over a decade ago as a way to challenge himself to become a more skillful artist when working with ink. Since then it's grown into an annual, world-wide, social media art challenge where anyone can take part, create ink drawings (traditional and digital), and share them online during the month of October. Jake releases the prompt list, and you can find this year's here: https://inktober.com/rules

  • @ajillustrates photoshop and right now, standard round brush.opacity and softness is something that changes depending on the desired effect.But 90% of the time, its 100%opacity and solid hard.
    Always keen to try more brushes, but I ve felt that having less "weapons" always makes me concentrate best.

    Do you have a suggestion mate?

  • @Georgios-Christopoulos I too try to keep my PSD brushes limited, partly for consistency, and partly because so many of them just don't get me effects I like. I have a few Kyle Webster ink brushes I use, but nearly all the time I use his Classic Cartoonist brush. I find that it gives the closest look to my traditional brush pen work, so I can scan in the hand drawn stuff, then fix/add stuff in Photoshop.

  • @ajillustrates said in Who's doing Inktober 2020, and what are your plans?:

    Kyle Webster ink brushes

    can you point me in the direction of where I can find them?

  • @ajillustrates I had never considered doing one large piece. However I am not taking part this year. Thanks

  • @ajillustrates ooh okay! Thanks a lot 😃
    TI will definitely be participating. My goal is to make a minimum of 2 drawings per week.

  • @Lovsey That sounds so much fun. Can you send me your Instagram so I can follow you.

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