Tomie dePaola Winner Announced 2016

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    Here is the link to the winner and honorable mentions for this year's Tomie dePaola award. I'm drawn to the last one the most, it's always fun to see what he picks and the gallery will go up on Monday. Did anyone from the group make his list?

    I didn't make the cut but here was my final submission for this year.


  • Thanks for posting the link @Charlie-Eve-Ryan

    For what it's worth - I think you should've been one of them, at least in the honourable mentions! I like your style a lot better than a few of them that were chosen.

    I am also not in the chosen top few. I was going for the 'clever' angle with mine and I'm disappointed to see that not a single one that was chosen went for a clever aspect - my guess is they were chosen more for their style/ethnicity of the character rather than the character's personality otherwise coming through (although I like the second Asian one, her personality comes across as being pretty bold).

    Anyway, here's my entry (I'm letting the viewer in on a little secret by contradicting the text: 'β€˜I’ll do everything right, don’t worry,’ said Little Red Riding Hood, and kissed her mother goodbye.)
    Screen Shot 2016-01-08 at 1.50.17 PM.png

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    @DanetteDraws Thanks Danette!

    Most years, I look at the gallery and my top five ( not my own) are almost never his top five etc.

    I think your illustration is awesome and I love her expression, very clever and modern. I would have chosen yours over some of the other's too.

    The top two winners here were in the top five last year and the winner was an honorable mention the year before that one too, so he definitely seems drawn to their styles.

    It goes to show you how subjective it all is when it comes to contests and individual tastes. Maybe @lee-white and @will-terry will chime in, but I imagine it's not an easy task choosing. I always figure the chances of winning are so small but it's worth trying for since a free trip to the NY conference would be nice! πŸ˜ƒ

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    Actually 3 of the top seven from last year were also in the top seven this year and one has been in the top for the last three years...they are all great, but it seems like it would be unlikely considering the amount of submissions this competition gets every year but there must be something in their work that is making them stand out to him. But I like that previous winners and honorable mentions are eligible every year.

    I like the second one from this year too, not the composition as much as the character herself is interesting. πŸ˜ƒ

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    Here is the link to the contest gallery, not all the entries are up yet but it is fun to see all the different versions of Little Red! Enjoy!

  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan Thanks for your compliments on my work!

    Wow, it certainly is so fun to see all the renditions, there's some really amazing ones! Just seeing everyone's take is very cool.

    I see what you're saying now that I quickly view the gallery about how my own top 5 don't align with Tomie's top picks either. Once all the entries are up, why don't we post our own top 5 here just out of fun? Keeping the prompt in mind - there's a few I see up already that are really great pieces, but they didn't quite follow the prompt IMHO so I would exclude those ones from my own top 5.

  • I didn't enter the contest but this was what I made from the prompt.redridingwebpage.jpg

  • @ben-j-hutchison "Oh what big TEETH you have!" hehe Love your character design, on both Red and the wolf. I like that you went with a toque for Red as well - a new take on the cape. She looks so naive and innocent... little does she know!!!

    How come you didn't enter? Or did you simply just missed the deadline?

  • @DanetteDraws I didn't enter because 1)I am not part of SCBWI yet and 2) I heard about the contest 3 days before the image was due.

  • @ben-j-hutchison Ah-ha! That's a good reason haha I literally had just joined SCBWI not even a month before the contest closing so I did mine pretty last-minute myself.

  • I'm cool with it. I decided to make it a postcard and they just came in today!redridingpostcard1.jpg

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    Really nicely done, @Ben-J-Hutchison!

    I'm digging the reflection and Red is sweet. Nice texture too!

  • Wow, it made great postcards @Ben-J-Hutchison! Love the b&w Red on the back too. How many will you be sending out? I'm just working on my own excel list now of who to send a postcard to. It's time-consuming!

    One thing to think of for your next postcards: I keep hearing the advice that you should have your name and URL (or if your URL is your name then at least that) on the front, in case an art director decides to pin it to their wall. If they want to hire you, they won't have to turn it over to get your name!

  • @DanetteDraws I know I'm working up my list now. Thanks for the advise. I thought about having it on the front, but maybe next time! I ordered 100 for my first go around. I have a little over 40 names so far between illustration age's list and the children's writers and illustrators market list. I have jacket flap open in a tab but it looks daunting. How about you, what is your planned number of cards?

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    This is my absolutely favorite Tomie entry so far!! It is hands down stunningly gorgeous!!!!


  • @Charlie-Eve-Ryan wow - that is beautiful! I'm always jealous of those who can do and pull off loose brush work like that - mine is always so tightly rendered. Different style though - I think I just have style ADD - I see a style very opposite from mine and I'm like - oh man I should do that! But I don't because that's counterintuitive and unfocused.

    @Ben-J-Hutchison I think you'll find a list of 100 names in no time! I'm just working through the Writer's and Illustrator's guide thus far and have come up to 60 already - BUT I've just gone by description thus far and added them to my excel list, I haven't yet checked out their websites to see if my work is in line with my own. Since I'm going from an ePub version it's quick to just copy & paste the contact info then later look up their website. I'm Canadian - so next I'll go through my Canadian listings I have from the CCBC - then after that, the BOOK from SCBWI. I didn't know about the illustration age one, I'll have to check that one out too. Even when I edit down the ones I already have to be more targeted, I think I'll end up going well over a 100!

    Who did you print yours with and how much did it cost you? I've heard a lot of people go with VistaPrint and are happy with them.

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    @DanetteDraws The controlled is such a tricky medium but so gorgeous went done well!

    I have to get some postcards out too soon, thanks for the reminder!

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    Just heard there were over 400 entries this year and they are still loading them into the gallery. This deer one here by Laura-Susan Thomas is still my absolute favorite! πŸ˜ƒ

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