Dragonfly opinions

  • Before I enter this month’s contest I could use a final opinion. Which one should I submit? The one with the text, or the one with out?



  • Hi Deborah, I think a combination of the two would be the best. It looks really good if you include a "title" on top, but all of the description is a bit distracting in my opinion.
    Congrats on your illustration!

  • @deboraht , i think I might like the second one best. I really like it. I could totally see this in a "Ranger Rick" or some other educational magazine like that. Trust your instincts and do what YOU like best. I think it works either way. Good job!

  • The one with the text looks very cute. If you are going to include the descriptive text, it might be cute to include a scout patch next to the title or something, that has to do with insects- like they are identifying insect species and anatomy for a scout patch. Just an idea!

  • @TessaW cute idea. I don’t think I have time for that now but maybe I’ll try that idea when I add it to my portfolio.

    So I think I’ll go ahead and enter the one with text. It was my favorite too. I was imagining it in the scouting magazine or a nature book.

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