Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

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    IT'S HERE!!!!!😃


    Great job @Jake-Parker!

  • @burvantill no way!! When did you get it? Where is it available?

  • Yay!! It's arriving Thursday!!! I know October is Inktober month, but I might have to do another round after it arrives. Thank you Jake Parker!

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    @burvantill Mine's on the way! Should be here tomorrow

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    @Cole-Rts I ordered it months ago off amazon before the drama happened. I just got it in the mail yesterday. 🙂

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    @burvantill Wouhou!! This looks really great!

  • I watched 15 minutes of that video some months ago (which by the way, I found because of the name of jake in the title of the video) It was obvious from the first moment that that guy has to grow up and mature. Like Gary Vaynerchuk put it "There are people who want to build the taller building in the city tearing down the rest of the buildings". I blocked him, don want to waste one minute of energy listening to that guy crying.
    You should do the same.

  • @burvantill dang! I knew I should’ve bought it!

  • @burvantill I preordered it too and I was told by Amazon to expect to it tomorrow. I just got an email today saying it was “undeliverable” and that I will be refunded. 😞 Did you also get it from Amazon? If not I want to try a different source.

  • @alexthoffman I pre-ordered from amazon June 12 and kept getting delayed shipment emails from them. I wrote chronicle and asked them about the release status and this was their reply on nov 23:
    "The release has been put on hold indefinitely until the artists in question come to an agreement. Did you pre-order it through us directly? If not, I recommend asking for a refund from wherever you pre-ordered the book from."

    Mine was delivered today--surely chronicle knew this Nov 23. I am very disappointed in chronicle's failure to support @Jake-Parker. I am glad I did not cancel my order, as I do not see it currently on amazon as available to order.

    I have only glanced through it, but accusations that the drawings are not in Jake's style are ludicrous.
    Looking forward to starting off 2021 with this book as a guide. I hope it will be available to everyone soon!


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    @alexthoffman dang. I got mine from amazon. That’s weird. 🤔

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    @BichonBistro agreed. This has Jake Parker written all over it. I didn’t find any page to be anything other than a representation of everything I have learned from him. I love all of his little tips and advice throughout the book. Someday I’m gonna have to meet him in person and get him to sign it. 😂

  • @alexthoffman said in Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations:

    @burvantill I preordered it too and I was told by Amazon to expect to it tomorrow. I just got an email today saying it was “undeliverable” and that I will be refunded. 😞 Did you also get it from Amazon? If not I want to try a different source.

    Same with me. I'm pretty disappointed about this and now it isn't available to re-order. Let me know if you find a different source.

  • Just got my book via UPS and Amazon and its 100% Jake...
    What a mess this was and irrational to play that game.

    Anyways, I love it so far. I didn't expect this much content!

  • Mine was just cancelled by Amazon as well. 😞

  • sounds like a we sell the books we already printed and let it then be situation
    can you give any infos on the situation? in case its becoming a rare thing i would snatch it then too instead to wait a bit with it.

  • It's here!! Thank you so much! There's a great deal of content and wonderful drawings for inspiration and quotes! I'm loving it! Of course, I can't read it fully just yet because my 10yo, newly-christened Inktober-ite has snatched it and isn't giving it back until she's made her first reading. From both of us, thank you so much @jake-parker!

  • @Molambo I wouldn't be surprised if there was an agreement be able to distribute whatever was printed and the book will need revisions and be released next year. Unfortunately between trademarking and this accusation Parker's reputation has taken a hit whether the man did anything wrong or not.

    I'm waiting for "Slowvember" to be trademarked next. If I had the $800 I would do so.

  • Ah man! I’m so jealous of those that still received a copy when I was placed in the ‘Cancelled by Amazon’ category. I pre-ordered it almost as soon as it was available and still didn’t make the cut. Bummer.

  • @Bricz-Art I emailed Chronicle to express my disappointment with their lack of support to @Jake-Parker and failure to communicate the status of the book to advance purchasers. I also shared my opinion that charges of plagiarism are baseless, after reviewing my copy (having viewed Mr. Dunn's video in August). I had to email twice to get a reply. Here is their reply:

    "We have paused the publication of Inktober until further notice. Last week, Amazon inadvertently shipped a small amount of copies to customers that had pre-ordered the book earlier this year. They have since placed all books back on hold and returning remaining copies to us. We apologize for the confusion."

    I feel very fortunate to have received a copy and hope this will be resolved soon, no thanks to Chronicle btw.

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