Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz it reminds me of the Couplet

    In flesh by fire inflamed, nature may thoroughly heal the sore;
    In soul by tongue inflamed, the ulcer healeth never more

  • I think, somehow Jake will show that it was simply a coincidence.

    Mr.Dunn will find he has no other options but to accept it.

    Mr.Dunn WILL make a public apology. Not just to Jake and his followers, but also to Dunn’s own followers.

    Both artists WILL keep their followers and good sales of their awesome books.

    People, especially in the community, WILL remember this. And keep an open mind for the future.

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    @Shyam-Sailus well, that's poetic

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    @jsnzart It would be wonderful it things worked like this, but we are not directly involved in this situation and cannot directly affect the outcome. No matter how hard we imagine a beautiful ending, it will not make it so. It's in the hands of lawyers now. No matter who wins, the other side may never change their opinion. But I hope we can learn from this so it doesn't happen again.

  • @NessIllustration I agree.

    But, it is better to talk about it with a positive outlook.

    Even if we make it up.

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    @jsnzart Sometimes things aren't good but it feels like a relief to talk about our hurt, disappointment, fears and frustrations 🙂 It's different for everyone, but I know if I try to just pretend everything is puppies and rainbows, it will not help me deal with a frustrating or hard situation. I've been really heartbroken about this story and trying to defend Jake on social media, trying to provide another side to people who have made their minds and are being very mean, has proven disheartening and frustrating. Being able to discuss the situation here with like-minded and level-headed people has been a real blessing, so I really want to thank each and everyone of you! ❤

  • both parties will come to some sort of agreement and the issue will simply go away.

    However, the damage has been done. Jake Parker was dumped on for trademarking and enforcing the trademark after spending years encouraging others to make use of it. Now that he was publishing a book cashing in on it in the eyes of many it will be difficult to recover from the bad publicity.

    There are no winners.

  • I didn’t mean any disrespect to anyone here.

    And, yes this situation sucks.

    But, Jake has people like you supporting him. That’s awesome!

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    @jsnzart no worries. We totally understand what you mean 🙂

  • Not that anyone here needs convincing of Jake's character, but I thought I'd just share this as it's a positive.

    I responded to Jake's newsletter this week telling him that I back him 100%.

    I just received an email from him now thanking me for my kind words. He told me he really appreciated me reaching out.

    So despite all the hate and negativity that is being directed at Jake online, and the horrendous week that he must have had, he still took time out to thank me personally. That's Jake Parker.

  • @jsnzart So true. A mindfulness app I use mentioned how negativity breeds more negativity. Sadness breeds more sadness. Positivity breeds more positivity. I really like how @Matt-Baldwin replied to Jake’s newsletter. Despite all this, he still sent out his newsletter with only a short sentence saying how much of a bad week we had been going through but was still going to share cool things. That’s why Jake has so many fans. Nice breeds nice.

  • @danielerossi Indeed.

    Mr.Jake must be keeping it together pretty well.
    Probably drawing and relaxing his mind.

  • Just want to add my voice to the many others supporting Jake here. I watched all of Alphonso's video and some of the reaction videos. Like others, I can say I have seen basically this same content in many other art books/tutorials over the year. Alphonso's book seems to be a very detailed dive into the material, though, and well worth a purchase! The "layout" issues seem either accidental or close to Alphonso's own similarities to previous art books. And if Jake really had plagiarized the book, then why would he had spotlighted it on Instagram so close to the announcement of his book? The courses on this site and Jake's YouTube videos are testimony to his teaching cred and knowledge... something you can't fake. It's really disappointing this has happened. I'm hoping for some sort of good resolution, but I guess the damage has already been done.

  • @Lee-White and everyone, those kind of comments are so upsetting in Inktober’s current post.

    Seriously, people? 🤦 Come on! Sorry for the tone.

    Note: posting from my phone right now so unable see icon for upload screen shot. Practically some people saying Dunn deserves credit for Inktober.

  • @rafaartstudio we live in very strange times where people invent their own facts. As someone with a university/health/science background, it perplexes me! I still can't believe Dunn has that video up with that title either.

  • I noticed when I watched Dunn's video that he had an arm in his book, obviously I thought that cross hatching style and characteristic arm pose was similar to one by Flemish artist Peter Paul Rubens. And there online I found a video of Alphonso copying Rubens exact crosshatch and pose. shock, horror! I mean in his book, he did move the fingers slightly so not to make it too obvious.
    But still, this plagiarism is never ending!
    It's a shame Peter is no longer with us to defend his original work, crosshatch and arm poses. 😉


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    @sigross Love the sentiment here! But that Rubens drawing would fall under fair use due to it's age. The copyright would have run out long ago. Now, depending on where this image was published, that company may have new rights to it. Gets tricky there. @davidhohn what do you think?

  • @Lee-White I thought it was ironic in this video that Alphonso is up for copying what has gone before saying it's the best thing you can do.
    As far as I'm aware the book Rubens planned on anatomical drawings was never completed. There's a selection of drawings that could be in the MET collection. I think they're in the public domain.

  • @rafaartstudio I share your sentiment of frustration, and just baffled by how delusional those comments are. 1) If they want to criticize Inktober, then do it on a post of a prompt, but not under a post that was meant to promote other artists who have nothing to do with this plagiarism controversy. It is so disrespectful and to me this should be common sense. 2) They feel entitled to boycott Inktober/JP on the Inktober page and when you disagree with them and call them out, they’ll say: “I wasn’t trying to make you take a side! We can just agree to disagree.” It’s as if they see themselves as the Sweet Butterfly of Truth (with passive aggressive approach) and/or the Hulk of Justice (with outright aggressive attack) with the righteous holy mission to defame JP.
    Alphonso wrote in the About section on his YouTube channel that he wishes to leave the world a better place than where he found it. I have to say on this particular matter he left the social media of the art arena a worse place than it used to be.

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    @Lee-White You know I love questions like this because it means I get to research copyright law! And while it's true I prefer to do this kind of thing at 12:45 in the morning, I'm willing to do so during daylight hours as well.

    So here's what I've got:
    Because the Rubens arm study was created prior to 1921 the Rubens drawing is in the public domain and anyone can reproduce it.

    A new photograph (or copy of any kind) of the public domain original would not be protected by copyright if the goal was to simply record/reproduce the original work.


    If a new photograph or hand-made reproduction made a significant change (and that is fairly subjective) to the public domain original then the new version could be protected by copyright.

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