Inktober Book Plagerism Accusations

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    @pixel-dsp I know right? My guess is that if they already have products with the Inktober logo then they’d have to stop selling them or atleast find a way to remove the logo from the product. This is a more reasonable reason. Another theory of mine is that they feel their inktober artwork won’t feel geniune if they can’t use the logo which is just ridiculous. They can still make inktober art. They can still sell products for inktober. They just can’t use the official logo which is totally fine if you ask me.

  • I came across this on Instagram where someone out of nowhere told me the Inktober book was a copy. I don’t know Jake personally but being an avid listener of the podcast, I feel I got the gist of Jake’s personality and immediately thought “That doesn’t sound like something Jake would do”. So I asked the commenter for clarification and all I got was a link to Alphonso’s Instagram account. I figured it was a troll issue and didn’t bother following up.

    Then I see this thread and yowza! While I haven’t watched the video and don’t care to, like most of the replies here said, you can’t copyright drawing techniques. As for The rest of the content, similarities happen.

    How did Alphonso get the book? I don’t think it has been released yet, or am I wrong?

  • @danielerossi Dunn has not seen the book. He is basing his argument on the handful of pages on the preorder site and a handful more from Jake’s Instagram.

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    @danielerossi Dunn based his claims on the preview pages of the book on amazon. Imagine accusing someone based on 2 pages, without even reading the whole book.

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz What? That is indeed ridiculous. Alphonso should have indeed gone directly to Jake first. Thanks for clearing that up (you, too @deboraht ).

  • Yep, totally ridiculous!
    I love Jake's reply to it on his Instagram. So professional! Stay patient Mr.Jake!

    I am optimistic about this. I'm wondering if this might turn out to be a good thing for the art community!?

    Visualizing something good.

  • In my art community where I’m enrolled in a mentor ship course, I brought up this topic for discussion. Someone immediately said “this would be an instance of a popular white artist ripping off a lesser known black many times have we heard this same story before.”
    I didn’t how to respond to that... Any ideas?

  • Jake is one of the most creative and original artists I’ve ever seen. It is sad to see all the negative comments about Jake but at the same time it is very encouraging that many are still supporting Jake and are not rushing to judge. It is tempting to jump in to defend Jake on the negative social media comments but there are too many individuals to address. It’s unfortunate that the accuser did not reach out in a private manner instead of opening a public case on the Internet against Jake.

    I look forward to Jake’s future responses about the accusation and I hope it is proven quickly that the accusations are false.

  • @pixel-dsp Maybe,..."At this point in time, there's simply no proof of that!" And that's a fact!

  • @pixel-dsp it's not entirely true that Alphonso Dunn is lesser-known, he has 644k followers on YouTube, Jake only has 167k. Jake has a bigger following on Instagram but less overall.

  • @pixel-dsp ah! That's exactly what I meant in my previous comment and why I don't feel qualify to comment further. But let me give some clarification :

    We are prisonners of our biases and cultural references. For me, as an European, I only read a dispute between two artists. Maybe this is because of my education and culture, maybe it is because of the white priviledge, a concept that I wasn't familiar with until recently, as it got popularised through US social medias (and which is an interesting concept to reflect on, don't get me wrong on that!)

    If you bring a social and cultural frame into the picture, the story can be read differently :
    -the black artist vs. the white artist;
    -the perhaps poor artist who still struggles with a day job and self-publishes his books vs. the presumably rich professionnal artist who is supported by a publishing company;
    -the less known artist vs. the famous artist;

    (Edit : these are exemples of interpretation, I don't know anything about Alphonso's or Jake's private and business situations).

    All is cumulative and does not exclude one another. This add layers and layers of complexicity. In the context of Black Lives Matter, this is all the most sensitive.

    If I were you, I would ask your student to think in terms of his own bias and context, and how much does it weight on his reasonning. Assuming Jake pladgiarised Alphonso's book (for which there is no expert view yet, nor opinion from a neutral party mandated by the artists), isn't he giving some intention to Jake that Jake didn't have? Beside is there some interest from some activists on the Internet to politicise the dispute?

    I assume the artists are American and most of their followers are as well. As a non US person, my impression is that the reaction of the people is exacerbated by the current context. Also as a non-US person, I am probably not the best person to analyse the situation and don't want to cause contreversy on the forum. My place is more of an observant. So, if you came this far to read this, please consider it for what it is : a mere thought as I am trying to understand the situation, and not an invitation to debate politics on the forum, which is - to me - not the best place to do so.

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    Check out this video by the amazing Peter Han. It gives a much needed perspective on this whole thing. He's a cool guy and I love his work.

  • @Lee-White
    its always good to see different points of view on such things but at this point the only person who can solve this are jake parker and alphonso dunn or theire respective lawyers. based on the deviantart, expo cancel and now book delay or possible cancle i would guess you got hurt financially and alone due to that i would go for him in term of let the lawyers deal with it.

    someone made a claim, it hurt you, now you have to solve it. everyone should keep it at that.

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    @Molambo I don't totally agree with that because the claims that are being made could be made against anyone that teaches or even puts out art online. It's important to know how to give something context which is what cancel culture does not want. They want quick and snappy judgments without a lot of information.

    Plus, this whole thread is about this particular topic, so it's relevant.

  • @Julia I also only viewed this as dispute between two artists. I’m a Asian immigrant living in Canada, so probably have a different lens compared to those in the States. I have all my counter arguments in my head but I deemed it not worth it to politicize this matter and waste my energy by replying to that person in my class. Thanks for your point of view!

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    This is a lot of reading! Just wanted to throw my 2 cents. I’ve followed jake for years. Probably most of us have. Watched all the YouTube videos and joined SVS for a few years. Listen to 3 point perspective the day it comes out. (I’ve pivoted to more surface pattern design and stationery with my work, so I am in a different group for my art/business instruction.)

    We can only know a person of that status from a distance in most cases. But I just can’t see Jake as someone that holds a book down and follows the flow of a book and plagiarizes with purposeful intent. There is probably a natural flow of how you teach this subject. And order that makes sense. And he’s been teaching it for a billion years. If your a teacher, how many freaking times have you taught gray scale, or still life drawing. Steps to figure drawing. I think that inktober is such a big deal that those techniques are written about more now. But if you take 10 figure drawing books and compact them, I bet there are tons of similarities.

    My husband is an attorney. Laws change! They change because of cases. It’s called case law. Or something like that. They will figure it out. Just because it was ruled one way before doesn’t mean this can’t change things.

    Good luck @Jake-Parker , and @Lee-White and @daivdhohn thanks for sifting through all the details like you guys do best! I love it when you guys talk taxes and copyright. Just wish it wasn’t because the situation needed it. But thanks for being there!

  • @pixel-dsp by his remark, I think your student politicised the matter so there would be no wrong doing in exchanging views with him. Now, maybe he politicised the topic unknowwingly (you know, bias, circumstances, etc) and putting the finger on it can only be educational. At the end of the day, opinions are opinions. Construction of opinions can be discussed, opinions themselve very less so.

  • @Lee-White thanks for linking that video. Very measured and thoughtful response by Peter.

    I posted on Lightbox expo twitter about their cancellation of Jake, inktober, SVS . @Coreyartus alerted me to that post ( thanks). That irked me that they were parting ways after not even giving any time for a response from the other side. Things happen so fast. Too fast! Just saying people need time to hear both sides. I'll probably get roasted. I'm keeping it pretty logical and unemotional. I'm married to a lawyer so I have good practice 😂

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    @Molambo hi, I’m really sorry but I’m a bit confused. What do you mean?

  • @Nyrryl-Cadiz the damage is done already and more infos are of course always good, especially for people who are on the fence but you will not change the mind of the already acting mob with views from different people. it either has to come now from jake himself or how i would handle it when possible from jakes lawyer. i dont see a other way how this situation can be handlet since sitting it out might cause just more damage.

    i am not sure about the laws in the us but i am sure there can be something done about this kind of allegation, especially when it has such a huge impact on your reputation and your company.

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