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  • I've just been watching the first part of How to Make Money in Illustration. It's helping me to focus on what I need to do to make a business from my art.

    Lee, you talk about the website that you had at the time and how people could buy originals, prints and licence the image right from the image page. It was really clever.

    It looks like your current website has moved away from that model and I was wondering if that was just a feature you weren't able to replicate when you updated your website, or if you had consciously moved away from that idea - if maybe it wasn't working for some reason?

    Thanks for the course!

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    @Pamela-Ruddy Ah, I know the answer to that one! Lee has recently signed with a licensing agent so now, they are the ones handling the licensing. That's likely why he took it off his website.

  • Ah that makes sense! Thanks 🙂

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