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  • Follow up on What it means to Improve

    If I want to get better at drawing, I need to draw everyday. I know of projects I want to do, I know a sense of the issues I have as an artist. What I need to do is be okay with where I am and allow myself to grow over time. This is what I've come up with now and what I'm going to do moving forward. I've been stuck and stopping myself focusing oon theory of art and art-making rather than actually making work. This has my skills and portfolio greatly suffer because of the lack of work and personal growth. I keep imagining the end goal and holding on to expectations. A sense of expectation and challenge is good, but I need a bit more freedom to grow as I rarely finish projects and rarely draw in general. Again, a lot to do with lack of Self-Discipline and responsibility. I need to have, and hold priorities so I make progress on responsibilities and artwork/skillset and not just get lost in video games and social media. @Jake-Parker often mentions how he would skip watching tv, movies, or hanging out with friends when he was my age to continue drawing and growing. I need to do more of that. I also need consistent progress on drawing and generation of work. This advances my experience which enhances my skill. I also need a quota along with this consistency, or something to form direction every-once-in-a-while to take my art into my own hands and into the direction I want to to go into to meet my dream projects and career paths. The direction I go in is based on what I discover about myself and my goals as I ask myself what they are and develop them actively, rather than passively in my head. Basically I need to start writing down my goals and asking questions about what art I want to make so I can find the areas I need to practice or research and copy. This is a frame for admit-tingly an ideal, so in the end the most important thing to do is put in action. I can't look for a "magic pill" to trick myself. The "trick" of executing action is simply executing it. It's the self-discipline of making progress towards my goals whether or not I feel like it that I wish I instantly had more of, but I need to allow myself to grow in that area rather than waiting for "the all answering piece of advice".

    This is to follow up on my thoughts of improvement and where I am as an artist. I haven't been making a lot of work and I need to step up if I need to go anywhere. Hope this helps somewhat, if not, I'm just trying to share.

    To summarize, I need to keep hold of priorities and follow them, and make efforts to show consistent progress of growth and generation of artwork. along with direction and challenge, I should get closer to where I want to be, and its about making progress whether or not I feel like it, training myself to be more self-disciplined. To be responsible and taking my art into my own hands.

    By The Way @Jake-Parker, @Will-Terry, and @Lee-White, The topic of self-discipline is a subject I'm interested in hear your perspectives on. It's my MAJOR issue as an artist and a person. I know for a fact I love art and the creative process, I just need to step up and not a lot of great advice is out there on the topic. What I love about your content on youtube is embracing the "discomforts" that come with being an artist which has a lot to do with self-discipline. If your reading this, thanks!

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  • RE: Durrell's Sketchbook

    Keep going man! continue practicing from observation. I challenge you to try starting and finishing some fully developed scenes

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  • RE: "Love" and possible shirt

    @Chip-Valecek I don't know why you outlined the figures in a white border, its quite distracting. The background is also lazily executed. The majority of the issues can be solved in the early stages of developing the idea. As for making it a t-shirt, I wouldn't order too many in stock, I just don't think theres a huge market for this.

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  • RE: Rob Gale's Sketchbook

    @robgale This particular black and white sketch based on Ian McQue is excellent. Keep going everyday!!

    Also love your portraits. Maybe challenge yourself to get those characters in more enviroments and remember to continuously practice from observation and reference! Keep going!

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  • RE: WIP Love is a Battlefield

    This feels very flat. I think some of that has to do with how the horse and figure riding it feels close to the apparent size of the foreground characters. Also the foreground characters feel abruptly cut-off and their spears are drawing a lot lof attention. I think the background and ground feels a bit lazy. I recommend doing smaller and faster executed experiments to make a better composition and sense of value. You don't have to do it digitally either. in fact you may feel a lot more freedom drawing in a sketchbook, just make sure it's readable

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  • RE: WIP Critique Please! Pig and Bunny Roasting Marshmallows

    I think a crucial fundemental of perspective is missing in this. I think you're going for a look where you are almost allowing persepctive to loosen, like what @Will-Terry does, but even in his work there is a sense of form and solidity that makes the scene feel alive and believable. You need to practice perspective!

    The color and value scheme I think could be pushed a bit, but thats an issue you need to fix early on when you do thumbnails, so just do what you can and do better next time.

    Much of this feels flat, again that can be because of perspective but also the lack of work into it. I also don't like the super focused air-sprayed way of applying the final colors, It makes everything seem shiny. You some-what get away with it in the characters, but generally you may need practice painting with brush strokes and not playing with every single bump of the scene.

    Generally I can appreciate this piece, just somethings can be pushed farther, and some fundamentals of art need to be better practiced on your end. lot of the problems need to be fixed during the early stages, when you are cheaply experimenting and working out major problems with thumbnails.

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  • Self-Discipline a discussion on What Improvement really is

    I want to get my main question out of the way. I haven't been drawing as much as I should so I'm rusty and not where I want to be skill-wise. Over the past week I've been talking with my art teachers and peers asking how to improve in drawing. I came up with the fact that no matter how hard I look, Its just about thhe self-discipline to draw and challenge myself everyday. But I still feel lost. the back of my mind keeps asking for direction or maybe even "permission" or "certification" on what to draw in order to truly grow my skills. I don't want to get stuck drawing the same crap, and I don't want to get trapped in chasing the "magic pill" for art which doesn't exist. So I want to ask if it ever gets easier, or does it just take the self-discipline to challenge and dedicate to see improvement? Also, how do you see your succesess and failures in self-discipline and what helps you stay on top of improvement?

    What I've personally found:
    First, @Will-Terry's video "How to Improve Your Art Skills Faster" had excelent points. the main ones I noted as...

    • Commit to draw everyday in Sketchbook
    • Challenge yourself "Mix it Up"
    • Copy others work
    • Know your Mentors (Heroes)

    From experience, When I commit myself to draw I can learn something. When ever I try to draw from imagination though and don't get it right, I get incredibly frustrated. I tell myself I need to practice more anatomy when I do figures, or I have horrible design when creating forms for vehicles, or I have horrible environments.

    I guess my real question is if the frustration gets easier to cope with or is the key to just stay strong and keep going to see improvment overtime?

    Noah Bradley in his essay on how he became an artist mentioned how he became an incredible environment painter despite his hate for environments because he made effort to practice creating environments everyday. In his career he is one of the best environment painters for Magic cards. So CONSISTENT PRACTICE has a large part to do with improvement. So another question is if the direction of what I practice should be managed often or should I just draw what ever I want and challenge myself when I notice something wrong?

    Thanks for reading this far if you did, and I'm excited for feed back. Also, It's been a while. Year's been hectic, but I'm in a better place now to create more again.

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  • RE: Aprilbet Art Challenge (Coming Soon!)

    @benjaminv said in Aprilbet Art Challenge (Coming Soon!):


    What a lovely idea! I think I am in!

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  • RE: First book deal!


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  • RE: Goodbye my friend: acrylic illustration

    @riftweaver I thought the same thing when I read the title!

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