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animals illustrations from any tecnique or style but the subjet must be the animal and nature world

  • RE: Collaboration!!!

    Oh gosh - I’m so happy! - and thank you for the feedback - all I have is my boyfriend in the back saying “yes the color is good” or “add more detail to the nose” - so it’s nice to get a full look through from you, finally!!!
    I used gouache - which was fun - but while I planned out values and color I did a lot of experimenting on the work itself, which was a long process and used up a lot of paint. Also recharging gouache with water to make it useful again is OMG not as easy as they’d make you believe in tutorials. Wow - gripe much Kaitlin? :p

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  • RE: Butterfly race WIP

    First inking pass. (Why is it you only see all of the tangents after you've posted something?!)


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  • RE: Waterproof colored pencils.

    I've got no watercolours to test the pencils with. But I did draw a page of lizards with the GrafCube pencils (3B, 6B, 9B)and Grafwood (6B, 9B).


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  • RE: Waterproof colored pencils.

    I got some Caran d'Ache Grafwood Pencils. These are my favorite. They do lovely cube pencils too.

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  • RE: suggestions for newbie learning photoshop?

    @Coley Hey Coley, I'd advise using PHLearn as they're straight-forward instructions and if you have Adobe Creative Cloud there are loads of tutorials in the CC menu on there for Photoshop. PHLearn has lots of free stuff on YouTube and their website and PHLearn Pro on monthly subscription.

    If you have specific questions I'm happy to give advice on what I know. Obviously its hard to know everything with Photoshop but I know a few things.

    PHLearn YouTube
    PHLearn Website

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  • RE: Waterproof colored pencils.

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I, too am interested in seeing them. I once asked Lita Judge (via email), an illustrator I like, how she does her work and she said she always does a light line in pencil, then paints the watercolor, and then goes over all the line again with a heavier pencil. I’m learning dip pen now but would like to try pencil sometime for my line and wash so will be interested in seeing yours.

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  • RE: Boy licking a shop window WIP

    @LauraA I think it looks great. Loved seeing it come together.

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  • RE: Who is this Anna Daviscourt person?

    I agree with every posting here! I got to watch your first class, and it demystified so many questions I had on color and process - thank you. And it's so cool to see your work all together like this.
    So looking forward to learning more from you!

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  • RE: Lord of the Flies WIP

    Wow Chip - I love this.
    I am way into the grunge of it.
    Like super into it.

    For the William Golding what would it be like if you put the William on the left side of the spike, and Golding on the right - a little larger? Did you try that already? I'm just curious.
    I image when you say Final Detail you may mean tightening up the flies a bit more - I think that would be really delicious.

    Also, total side note, but I would LOVE to see your work on some vintage "Weird Tales" magazine covers.

    Oh man - I'm just so excited about this piece!!!

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  • RE: Collaboration!!!

    @burvantill I just absolutely love these elephants and look forward to either hanging the finished piece on my wall, or getting a print of it up there.
    I think the way you handled it really showcases the emergency of the environment - not only does the light of the fire reach out into the waves of the ocean to press this - but your choice to go monochromactic (sp?) really engulfs (lol, thats a fire joke) the whole image in the intensity of the event - which is what I wanted when I went into drawing it - what else would be powerful enough to drive animals into the unknown? I apologize for throwing this to you, and am also so glad that you took up the challenge.

    I have officially finished my end of the bargain - at the end of this I went with the "finished not perfect" because there is still 15% that makes my body itch. I'm excited to put it away for a week or so and come back to it to reflect on the image - but I know it's been too long, so I wanted to get it up.
    This piece challenged everything I know. Stylization, craft, light and shadow, values, storytelling - there are a whole bunch of firsts in this image and this final image is heavy with layers of paint.
    I changed a few tiny bits of the image - mostly because I was so out of my comfort zone, and trying to figure out how to paint a door in a semi-lighted tree without drawing too much attention away from the main scene blew my mind. Lol - I also chose not to light any of the windows, because one light source was all I could muster.
    But there were beautiful moments and fun moments, and I am so grateful that we did this collaboration because I don't think I would have taken on such an indepth and lively image like this (and finished it) without having this challenge on the table.
    Thank you Lisa.

    I really tried to focus on values, focus point, color relationships, how to even show light and carrying out a constant treatment/stylization throughout.

    Whew! It is officially cocktail time.


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