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animals illustrations from any tecnique or style but the subjet must be the animal and nature world

  • RE: Our SVS virtual studio

    Hahaha that's hilarious

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  • RE: Our SVS virtual studio

    @burvantill what a great deal and a great tool! Reminds me of highschool - tracing this way must be so much fun

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  • RE: Composition Question

    I like that you're adding the symbols, but the omega and the yinyang just seem kind of placed there. Is the congruance symbol on the blade the man is holding? I like that one because it seems like it was built into the ritual - it's on a tool.
    The ladies look like an appropriate symbol of yinyang without being overtly obvious. Maybe find a way to make the omega a more integral part of the ritual - an arc of stone around them, or a necklace around his neck, or wrapped cord around all three of them with the symbol on it - just spitballing ideas here.

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  • RE: 100 Animals Feedback please

    I think that this is such a cool idea to learn how to draw the same character AND learn how to draw different environments!
    Usually when I feel like I bit off more then I can chew, it's because it's bed time. I think you got this, and I can't wait to see where this bunny goes.

    For a small critique, I'm not sure how I feel about the fish eye view in the first image. I like how you played with the distortion, but maybe try it on a wider piece/pano where that really comes into play. Otherwise, if you stay zoomed in, you may also want to distort your figure in the same way, which could be a really fun exercise in perspective and make for a really dynamic image.

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  • RE: Suggestions to get more portrait commissions during the Holidays season?

    @lauraa You bring some really reasonable points.

    I'm an illustrator who loves portraits, character design and telling stories.... I'm being pulled in 2 different directions and can't choose between them, realistic vs cartoony. so I'm trying to create something in between as my brand for the next year. a cartoony style with a semi-realistic textured rendering kinda thing. still figuring it out.

    I used to work in real oil paints back in the day and until I graduated from Fine Arts then stopped for several reasons. I work in other traditional media now and I even used to have an Etsy shop and closed it, shipping was going to cost people sometimes more than the product itself. Traditional is just not the way to go for me.

    I already worked for local studios and I know from experience that unless I work for BIG studios, working for locals would mean to work for pennies or even for free, so this is out of the question.

    I don't know how to make the best out of the Holidays season by reaching out to businesses in the publishing industry abroad, so I'm reaching out to individuals. May be a few of those individuals have the connections, who knows. but I do love painting portraits so it doesn't matter who I do it for as long as I get paid what I want. I'm actually making an offer especially for the season to market my work to new people hopefully.

    You may be right about having separate websites or at least separate instagram accounts for different services but I'm already stretched too thin and can't add more to my workload 😣

    Thank you for explaining the whole status thing behind portraits, I thought that was long gone when cameras were invented!

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  • RE: Suggestions to get more portrait commissions during the Holidays season?

    @concept great ideas!
    I want new clients so I can raise my rates. I have new leads who haven't hired me yet, but my current network won't pay what I want or won't pay at all, working free is not something I welcome. I'm not on reddit so i'll give it a try, also will try different hashtags 😃 thank you so much!

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  • Suggestions to get more portrait commissions during the Holidays season?

    I want to make the best out of this season by following the AIDA model. Awareness, Interest, Desire, Action. So first, how to get NEW people to become aware of my work as a portrait artist? It makes no sense for me to post this type of ads on Facebook groups that are meant for illustrators, and the other groups may not welcome ads. Any ideas?

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  • RE: No Shave November

    Love the illustrations and idea! 😃 I had a crazy thought a while ago to draw every illustration during November with a moustache. But there's a Folktaleweek challenge in the middle so it probably won't happen ><

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  • RE: Another Copyright Question...involving LEGO

    These are freaking hilarious! I think the backpacking community would get some good kicks out of these - you could go viral!
    If Legos decides to not be so forthcoming with you, you could potentially craft you're own little Scrapbear and copy and paste her in to pre-existing images.
    The research David pulled up about Lego's being a little more lenient though does make sense, considering legos mission statement and what they stand for -
    "Our ultimate purpose is to inspire and develop children to think creatively, reason systematically and release their potential to shape their own future - experiencing the endless human possibility."

    You should definitely reach out to them and let us know what they say!

    On a slightly different note - here's a sad video of a man who came home to find his lego collection destroyed and then his follow up. I can't imagine putting so much time into something, only to come home and find someone had destroyed it for no good reason.

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  • RE: SLOWvember / Starlight swim

    They look so adorable and cool! I especially love the tiny bear in the pocket and the way you use lighting, empowering the magical atmosphere. This should be a series for sure! 😀

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