Amanda's Sketchbook

  • Hi there, starting a little sketchbook here. I've been following the SVS videos (fundamentals and Illustrating a Book). I also wanted to participate in the 3rd Thursday assignment but am probably not going to get it finished in time. I think I have a bad habit of spending too much time fussing over the character design/development part :(

    Posting here for accountability to finish it anyway!

    And here is a dude I saw at my local cafe this morning. Sometimes you just gotta draw the randoms because they have so much personality!


  • 2015071601.jpg
    The current most pressing issue for me... how to keep warm feet without wearing slippers everywhere. It's an uncommonly freezing winter here in Australia, particularly for my part of the world. Finding it a little hard to cope in the very early mornings when I'm out training people!

  • lol - I can totally relate to that! Trying to stay warm feels like a lifelong struggle for me! Great drawing! I feel so sad for her!

  • I have fashionable friends and today they inspired me to draw!
    2015071802.jpg 2015071801.jpg

    Isn't it funny how your skills can differ so greatly from one drawing to the next?

  • Theses are really great, keep them coming! :D

  • Thanks @charlie-eve-ryan.

    I've been in the market for some basic art commissions and have been drawing up a storm to provide examples of what I can do. Inking or completing work in general frustrates me to no end, but these results were a little surprising.

    commissionsample04.jpg commissionsample03.jpg commissionsample02.jpg commissionsample01.jpg

  • Love your lively feel to your sketches.

  • Thanks. It's important to get that across for me. I'm glad I succeed somewhat.


  • Very nice!