Fundamental practices

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    constructing hurts

    using that motorbike would hurt more anyways

  • Very cool Alberto! This is a difficult subject and feels sort of like math (which no one seems to like much!). Great that you are putting in the time to master it.

    There is one area that you should really work on early so you don't practice the wrong thing. Distortion in linear perspective is a real pain, but is easy to overcome with a few principles. The more points you add, the more this stuff matters (ie, two point won't distort as much as three point).

    In order to make this easier to understand, I did a quick draw over. I pointed out in yellow the boxes that were starting to get away from you. The reason these shapes distorted is the points were too close together and the shapes actually went outside of the usable area. This can't happen in reality. The easy fix is keep your image way inside the vanishing points and you will be safe. An added layer of safety in three point perspective is keep your horizon line out of the picture.

    I made two boxes in the top right illustration. both boxes use the same vanishing points. Box A stays inside the points, box B goes outside the points. You can see how it starts to get kinda wacky out there in no mans land.

    The illustration at the bottom is how I would recommend practicing 3 point perspective at the beginning. Keep the points as wide as you can. Even off the page. The result is I actually can't draw outside the usable area and the shapes won't distort.

    Hope that helps some! Keep up the great (and difficult!) work. : )



  • animals

    Dude--this is pretty sweet. I love how my peers can help me in actual, concrete ways and not just with a 'needs help' or 'looks good'. This is awesome--so glad I am on this forum!

  • @Lee-White

    Very clear.

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    I'm going to study from still life for perspective, my brain is empty of basic shapes right now
    after last attempt, wanted to know how to cast shadows accurately so did this

    finally a badly drawn thumbnail idea for next challenge, I will have to build somethings and take pictures, to refer at it

  • much better with the 3 point drawing!

    the thumbnail is a good idea, I'd just play with the perspective and angles a bit more. I can see the stalk growing up from the ground which is awesome, but then it crosses the picture plane horizontally which tends to make things look stable. That's the last thing you want in this piece. If you really want to make him feel like he's dangling, thing about changing that stalk shape and really dangling your character precariously from it.

  • children's book ilustration design thumbnail, without drawing yet, time to draw it :8


  • I like your new gives the feeling that the character is in peril.

  • Wow, much better!!! Love the way you are approaching your skill building!

  • I the pose is really good, make sure you put plenty of atmospheric perspective with in it.

  • these are SO GOOD

  • it's not going to be finished tomorrow, at this speed maybe not this year :'(

    wasted all morning testing how I could paint/draw it, it's going sketchy

    oh, and no jack at all


    if you read the story, jack is a thieft and a murder, such a child story haha

  • Wonderful!

  • @Alberto-M

    So true... All these kids stories from back in the day are so odd when you think about it.

  • Too bad, it looks awesome!

  • It's going somewhere
    I think I'm not gonna render it, instead, i'll do more linework with just a soft plain colors with gradiation. :l


    peasant outfit is peasant

  • played around too much as I have no process yet

  • This is coming along really well,

  • passed to the next thing, I was kinda blocked in last one :l


  • hard part