Portfolio piece in progress feedback

  • Hey all!
    I've been working on this piece off and on for a few weeks, I'd like to do more thumbnails but frankly, time/energy/self-imposed-deadlines, this is as good as it's gonna get! Unless I get some ideas from feedback..!

    What you need to know about the scene. It's the first time the little boy sees a beautiful awe inspiring queen/princess. I want the sight of her to floor this kid. Which thumbnail does that best? Is there anything I could do to push it more? The bottom three you just see the hem of her skirt.

    Thanks for taking the time to read this!


  • @emilym I am liking row one, the first one and row 2 the first one. I think those read the best to me.

  • @chip-valecek thanks for the feedback!

  • I think the first one is good. Being able to see his expression so we know what to feel. And her face maybe in three quarter view, not quite revealed, like a tease. You could have the next illustration be just her, in all her beautiful glory. Bigger impact.

  • Personally i like the middle thumbnail at the top. I can’t wait to see your progress.

  • Second row, first thumbnail is my fav.

    I would work it so that the kid is silhouetted between two banisters instead of having one directly behind his head. Though this may make it a little too perfectly framed...

    Ayhoo, nice work so far!