Our SVS virtual studio

  • Love the idea of a virtual studio.. here are some of the things you’d see in my corner!


  • Been working on my ballpoint pen draftsmanship. Learned a lot from doing these. I also challenged myself to do these without any pencil sketching underneath so if I made a mistake I would be forced to make it work. alt text

    alt text

  • Closer to finish.

  • I've loved looking through this thread, but haven't posted yet. Just last night I finished up my first "BIG" project that started 5 years ago. I honestly feel kind of weird without the subconscious prodding from my brain to get the project done. Feels like I have my life back, but also a strange sense of loss. Here are a few pages from it... 34 full color pages, watercolor, done on 19x24 bristol paper.

    Think steampunk meets, Dr.Seuss, meets comic book.
    0_1533352244263_pg 1.jpg 1_1533352244263_Workshop.jpg

  • @rachy Love the wall :D

  • @artwithashley these are great! I hear that a lot of artists feel that loss after a project is finished. Jump back on another horse ASAP. 👍😃

  • 0_1533386493442_IMG_20180801_162708_051.jpg

    I took a break from drawing digitally and made a small sculpture of 'Cthulhu'. Sometimes I need to change gears and reset.

  • @kylebeaudette Wow, I have a neighbour friend who sculpts as well, dragons to be percise. And to be honest I struggled to sculpt anything close to this but wow I really would like to get into it!

  • @heather-boyd I've been at it for about ten years now. It's fun. It also teaches you about the importance of posture and forms, because a sculpt really won't look right if that stuff is way off.
    Here's some more things I've made over the past few years..


  • So this is what I have been up to. With the aid of Shapes 2D, Drawing Fundamentals with Dave Malan. I have used a single reference but it is for practise. 6 animals and working on 6 objects this week. I plan to do 6 people/portraits and 6 environments. Then I will move on to Shapes 3D and repeat. =)







    Thanks =)
    Heather B.

  • @heather-boyd My favorites are the Octopus and the bird. With all of the notes in the margins they remind me of DaVinci's notes. Its kinda cool, graphically speaking. =)x

  • Nothing to show today. BUT! I separated my children's book story into pages and printed out 24 sheets to start drawing up rough sketches. It was tedious and I LOVED it. Why GOD, didn't I start this 20 years ago?! =)x

  • @burvantill Thank you. I do notes like a journal entry and to help me learn. But even with understanding things are made up of shape and form I struggle to be able to build structure without references and I am yet unsure how I would combine say 3 references and draw my own from them. I also like drawing animals, people, and environments but find it exhausting stretching myself as I try to learn the fundamentals to build them. Would it be best to focus on one until I understand how to draw them or should I keep practising drawing all three categories?

    I also want to help my work be more loose but still have a strong line, not stiff if you catch my drift?

    Anyways it was real nice of you to comment.