Question for animators

  • A friend asked me for advice on what kind of tablet should be used for an aspiring animator. As I know nothing about animation, I thought I'd throw the question on here for advice. Do you use a type of tablet for animation, or specific computer programs? Thanks in advance.

  • @rhirsch I use a Surface Pro 4 with Toon Boom Harmony for 2D animation. Clip Studio Paint and Krita also offer much cheaper 2D animation tools for beginners that work well to get started. -- Krita is free/open source.

  • I don’t do much animation, but I´ve been using TVPaint for raster (Aaron Blaise has a lot of tutorials about that) and Flash (once upon a time - now it´s Adobe Animate) for vector animation. Any tablet that is used in illustration is fine for animation (drawing is drawing). If he wants to do 3D animation, then he doesn’t need a tablet. A good software to start is Blender: it´s open source and free and pretty awesome - there is also a huge community.