Redesigning Website Suggestion

  • Hey guys, I need a small favor about a new project that was given to me last week. I am in-charge of redesigning an e-commerce website called Petstreetmall. The website design is not up to date compared to their competitors. I already have an idea on what to do with the homepage, but is having a hard time on the design that I will use with the categories such dog crates, toys, collars, etc.I want it to be user-friendly as I have always kept in mind that it will only take 7-seconds to grab the attention of every website visitor. Your insights will really help me to figure out what customers want to see.

  • @itsjoyce I am a web designer for my day job. What I usually do, just like when I do any painting is I look around for inspiration. If you google web trends you will get some ideas. I also look at template sites and see what is hot on those. Usually that will give me a good starting point to pull together some ideas for the client.

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