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  • Hi Guys,

    I'm creating this thread for my random art prompts. I'm looking for feedback in terms of, "Hey Tom, this and that looks off" or, "Hey Tom, that's a great idea" or, "Hey Tom, WTF, really, you call yourself an artist?!" (LOL!) I think it's good to give and get artistic feedback on a semi regular basis. I'll try to return the favor. Being isolated in my own space 24/7, it's not easy to see the forest for the trees.

    Thank you in advance! -Tom

    Prompt #1: piano:

    alt text

  • @tom-shannon Hi Tom, Love the freshness of your drawing. The facial expression of the pianist is just priceless. :D Your style is dynamic. The ship's mass is a bit dominant in the composition and competing with the piano but that might be just per my taste.
    Keep up doing it. Love to see what's next.;)


  • @nasvikdraws Thank your feedback. I didn't even think about the ship's mass as a distraction. I see how that could be an issue. Thank you so much for the kind words! This is style, kind of new, and I hope I can push it further in a productive way. I like your work, btw. I took a peek at your Instagram.


  • @tom-shannon Looking at it again. Please disregard my comment on the ship. 🚢 The fact that the piano is darker focuses your eyes on it. Cool Love to see more of these. ;) Thanks for your kind words

  • Hey Tom, this is very funny! Overall, I think it works very well as is. It did take me a second to figure out that it was a piano, as a grand piano is typically displayed with the flap-thing up. I tried to visualize how to make it so it could be up, but it would mess quite a bit with your composition, which I think it already pretty strong, So maybe it doesn't matter that the flap is down? Other than that, I think a few splashes, created by the bobbing of the piano might add a little somethin'-somethin'.

  • @tessaw Hi Tessa. I thought the exact same thing about the piano. I messed around with the flap-thingy and it just didn't look right, even though it's suppose to be there! I'm on the fence about it. I think, for now, I'll just leave the piano "as is". I do like your bobbing effect comment. I'll incorporate that as some point. Thanks for the feedback!

  • Prompt #2: space:

    alt text

  • @tom-shannon

    Prompt #3: Giant

    alt text

  • This post is deleted!

  • @tom-shannon Hi Tom! Nice work :) It's good to give yourself "assignments" and create pieces from these. Is the goal to create portfolio pieces ? Or just to practice ?

    The one for the prompt "space" is, in my opinion, not as strong as your other two... I think it has potential to be so much more dynamic simply by changing the angle of the astronaut and his pose (I would put one of his arm pointing up in the sky and tilt his body at a 45 degree angle). I also think adding planets of various size would add a LOT of interest.

    I think having simple prompts "one word like space, giant, etc" is good. But your next step maybe should be to develop a story from that prompt. Who is the astronaut/giant, what is he doing, why, where, etc. This would make more interesting story and this is the basis for an interesting illustration :)
    I think your piano guy is quite nice! I like the combination of big-med-small shapes, and it's funny!

    I hope this helps!
    Nice work :)

  • @nowayme Hi Noemie! Thank you for the feedback and compliments! The goal is for practice. I think you're spot on with the prompt having a story telling aspect. Awesome feedback. I really like your work by the way!

  • @tom-shannon Thanks Tom! :)

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