Wip - Critiques wanted please

  • I am working on this painting for a portfolio I am creating for myself. This is a rough colour study at the moment just wondered if anyone had any thoughts when looking at it. Thanks in advance :) th0_1518017870074_woman reading on cliff 2.jpg

  • @jason-bowen Hi Jason, can you give a little more information to go on? What's your pitch?

  • @jason-bowen Hi! I would love to know what's the story behind it.

  • Well the idea is just something I made up when doing lots of colour studies... I have taken it a bit further and used my model to pose for me so I can use the lighting set up ;)0_1518200602445_woman reading 2.jpg

  • @jason-bowen Hi, I get nice feeling looking at your painting :-) I like the composition, color of the figure and birds. Birds kind of give me an idea of what is book about, smth light and heart warming?

    However I think you need to work on the tree. At this moment it looks like the person is hanging in the air and is not supported by the tree (could be that its too early and you don't have all the values in). Also I feel that there is smth wrong with the thickness of the tree. It's not consistent. I like your original idea with chair. Perhaps it could be a massive, branchy tree with a comfy chair? Just an idea ;-) I am curious of the next phases of this drawing!

  • @jason-bowen Where is the light coming from? I like how the light was coming from the book like the first painting. :) I also like the dramatic light from the second painting but it seems it is from below rather than from the book. It is looking good so far!

  • @durribie Yeah I plan on adding the light from the book again and messing with the light coming from below... so many problems to solve lol, fun though :)