Draw 50 Things -- WIP

  • Wanting to develop my ability to do more complex drawings, I decided to take the challenge of drawing 50 things. Ay yi yi yi yi! It's tough to get everything in while also trying to keep the design decent and avoid too many tangents. I did value thumbnails before I did this and will try painting it but here is what I have so far.


  • @demotlj
    This is really good!

    I haven't attempted a "50 Things" drawing yet, but I have watched Will's YouTube video about it and seen some critiques he's done. I see a lot of good things he points out, such as large objects in the foreground, letting objects overlap the frame (instead of drawing the whole thing in the picture), and many different sizes & shapes. You also have lines that draw the eye back toward the middle of the drawing. So it looks like you're hitting it.

    One thing I'm noticing is that the subjects are all on the left side of the page, and the more prominent ones are also facing the left side. In children's literature and in graphic design, it's encouraged to have the action move toward the right, or upper right. This is comfortable for the viewer (in the US & other Western countries) because we read from left to right. It gives a more positive feeling, and a feeling of going forward, rather than going back. So you might want to consider flipping the whole image.

  • Nice work. I thin that interiors are challenging enough and then to add all those instruments, etc....What a great learning experience to tackle.

  • @Miriam You are right about the action being mostly on the left. My original design had the man with the broken mandolin in the doorway so the eye went from the luthier on the left to the doorway on the right but because of the wide canvas, the man was too small to read well so I moved him and have been bothered by the loss of left-right direction ever since. I never thought of just flipping it! I tried it out and flipping it not only helps that but brought out some small form issues that I corrected.

    @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen I did the instruments because I play classical mandolin and guitar and own about 9 various stringed instruments. I figured if I had to draw 50 things, I might as well draw things I love.


  • Wow! That's amazing. A musician AND an artist :-)

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Jack of all trades, master of none :)

  • @demotlj
    :D LOL!

  • @demotlj
    I'm happy it helped!

    I think it's working well. Now I start at the right side, look around the page, and am drawn back to the right. It feels like it has a good flow now.

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