• @lee-white thanks. Well if you ever consider putting out a ‘’lite’ version, happy to be a bottom feeder at the base of the tank.

  • @andyg I hear ya! We are really working at offering something for everyone and still making the live classes special. It's a delicate balancing act. We have a lot of stuff for the subscriptions we are working on too right now. : )

  • @lee-white awesome! It’s nice to finally get the education in art I desperately wanted nearly 30 years ago, but couldn’t find anyone who taught it. Svs has put flesh on the bones of what I’ve figured out and scavenged. I tell everyone about how much I’ve Learnt here.

  • I was wondering this too. I just resubscribed this month after having to take a break for a while because of financial reasons, and a big reason I did so was because I saw the social media post about Sterling doing a class here--I was/am so stoked!! But then I see that it's only available for purchase on top of the subscription. I totally get the reasons for doing so, but I definitely wondered if any parts of that class/his lessons would be available to those of us who can't drop that much extra cash. Thanks for keeping us in mind @Lee-White !

  • Sterling is making two more videos for the subscriptions as well.

  • I just watched a YouTube video by Will Terry that was posted yesterday, and he said that his live class will be available later for subscribers!

    "Painting Texture and Details
    This class is all about the details. Pro illustrator Will Terry shows you how to add finishing textures to make your illustrations pop. Class starts 2/19!"

  • Just to clarify, we do have more videos on the way!

    Coming soon:

    •Art licensing with Gina Jane
    •Sketchbooks with Jake Parker
    •Painting with Ana Daviscourt

    The reason we made a big push to launch the interactive classes right now is because we're talking about doing them on a quarterly basis, and this is the beginning of the quarter. But we definitely plan on adding more videos to the subscription throughout the year : )

  • @lisa-f
    Thanks, Lisa that's great news! :)

  • This post is deleted!

  • That’s great, in all honesty because of the price, I see first £100 a year as good investment in myself, so intend to stick around for rather a long time. But secondly, I know it’s only small but I want to support all of you who do such a fantastic job.

  • Don't want to give too much away just yet, but we just finished a sweet painting video showing students how to paint this image in 4 easy steps! This will be available to subscribers soon!


  • I'm so excited! Thanks for all of the news @Lisa-F and @Lee-White !! Can't wait!

  • @lee-white
    I'm looking forward to it! I love the hair blowing out into leaves.

  • @lee-white Ooh, can't wait to see the painting video.

  • @lee-white
    Thanks for the teaser image, I was on the fence about subscribing for another month because I watched most of the library, but I'd really like to see this video!

  • @carriecopa I'm glad you brought that up. I want to make a suggestion on how to best use SVS.

    We have a lot of students that sign up, then they binge watch everything (Note: not saying that you did this! Just speaking in general).

    To get the most out of these videos, I suggest watching only 2 or 3 and the doing a ton of work in that area. You could spend 6 months just doing the environments, then another 6 months making a picture book dummy based on will and jake's class. In other words, watching videos is not the same thing as learning from the videos. If you guys really use the videos correctly, it could take a few years to get through them all.

  • We will be releasing a lot of new videos this year. Many with famous illustrators. Sterling Hundley is making 2 videos for us which should be amazing. Lot's of stuff coming out this year.

    We may also have some live workshops at our studio in utah this summer! We are working out the details now...

  • @lee-white i'm doing it slightly differently. I exercise each morning (road bike on a turbo during the pretty boring if not sweaty! I am sure you wanted to know that) so plug into the videos. learn along the way, but then go back and rewatch the parts I need, or make notes which I then seek to apply across my work. Kind of like a library I am subscribed to. Can't help now though looking at images and shouting ''... wonder if I am developing something of an illness here.... ;-)

  • @andy-gray we all have an illness. It's called Illustrators Affliction. That is where a tangent or poorly drawn pose causes you to spontaneously cry. : )

  • @andy-gray note, we are talking about starting a weekly podcast soon which might work well for your rides!