Whimsical Project: Process and Thoughts

  • @diego_biosteam
    Have you watched Lee's class on finding creative style? It's an excellent class! I think the information & the exercise / assignment he gives would be helpful to you in researching styles and finding elements you want to emulate.

  • @Miriam

    Yes! I watched it. I did the selection of main artists that are influencing my work! And that is being reflected in this project!

  • Done with the Dandelion illustration. There are about 4 to 5 layers of watercolour and 3 "layers" of inking. Took me about 6 hours to complete it. Then I did some basic digital post processing, including the light rays.

    0_1515255708055_Dandelion 01 - Edited.jpeg

  • @diego_biosteam
    The funnel-shaped plants are competing with your main character--especially the one in the middle with the tiny worm/caterpillar next to it. That is where my eye is drawn first. The dandelion character's feet/roots are getting lost at the bottom & the seed floating at the top is very blended with the mushroom behind it as well. It looks like you could use some value and color to separate things and draw the attention to the dandelion and the seed. I'm a beginner, so I don't know much about that yet! But maybe you could add some contrast by making the background darker and the more important object lighter or vice versa.

    Also, some of the line work looks faded out while other parts look darker. I think that is a lot of why the one funnel stands out so much. If all of the lines on the dandelion and the seed were darker than the other plants, I think they would stand out more.

    I really like all the shades of green. It looks very lush.

    It's fun to find all the little creatures hiding in the picture.

  • @miriam
    Thanks for the feedback! The dandelion feet blending with the ground were more intentional than the other issues you mentioned. Will be more careful with the next piece!

  • @diego_biosteam
    If it follows the storyline, go with it. :)

  • No critique, just wanted to say that I love the colors on this one!!

  • @eli Thank you! I wanted it to have a bit of a dark fantasy look.

  • Planning to create the "lair" for the Dandelion character. Came with a quick sketch of a tree house inspired by the nest of stingless bees (meliponines). But I am already thinking of how much I will modify this idea.

    P.s.: the nest on top is a loose copy of a scientific illustration of a bee nest that I found via google. It was more of a warm up exercise.


  • @diego_biosteam
    Stingless bees sound nice! :) This made me curious and I had to Google it for myself. Unfortunately, many of them will bite or use other defenses instead. But some don't harm humans at all. :) Those honeypot shapes are very different and interesting.

    I was thinking that the honeypots don't leave any space to step on the floor, but your character flies, so I guess it's not a problem! A flower and bees should get along well as housemates.

    I like the twisting shapes of your tree! It really supports the feel you are going for--especially with the crevices and knots, and the mosses and mushrooms mixed in.

    This is my favorite one from the series so far. :)

  • @miriam
    I am glad you are liking this one! I am still thinking how to arrange or fit the idea of the honey pots. Maybe they will just become weird shapes that complement the ground of his "lair". I will also modify the structure of the tree. Lets see what happens!

    Hope the final piece derived from this sketch will please you as well!

  • Another sketch with a modified version of the "tree house". This is the design I was aiming for.


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