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    I went to Colonial Williamsburg at the beginning of November so decided to try doing something set in that time period. I usually do more cartoony stuff so this is a new style for me. I'm doing pastels on my iPad Pro with Procreate and trying to employ a lot of the process I've learned from the SVS videos.

    First, I took a ton of pictures while I was there for reference photos and also used a book on Colonial Williamsburg houses as reference. Here's a sample of one of the pictures I used: 0_1511815220158_photo reference.jpg

    I did a number of sketches choosing the style of houses I wanted to include and deciding on perspective. Here's one of the sketches.0_1511815295871_sketch.JPG

    I did some value studies and as a result moved the characters. 0_1511815390498_Value test.JPG

    I cleaned up the sketch and added a church at the end of the road to balance the drawing 0_1511815508931_drawing.JPG

    I put the drawing on a gray layer, created a limited palette using colonial colors and did some color tests based on the value sketch. (The gray is under the part that will be the final cropped painting.) 0_1511815603625_color test.JPG

    I changed some of the characters colors to help with the focal point and did the final painting and detail work. Here's my end result. 0_1511815748293_Final Williamsburg resized.jpg

    I still have three days before the end of November. Any suggestions?

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