WIP? Latest watercolor

  • I think this is done but.....I always tend to make everything very flat in my paintings. My son reminded me of that when I asked for his thoughts.

    Any little tweaks I can make to round things out? or should I just leave it as is and learn on something else? Thanks!


    It's due on Tuesday.

  • Try this. Desaturated the image (use your phone and mess with it s bit), then shrink it down to very tiny. Does it’s till read well? Where could you deepen area or brighten areas? Thin layers of watercolour on top of deeper shades - just a single stroke then allow to dry - or lifting off to lighten.

    You could also try printing off a colour copy and just go in with a black pen - try some different thicknesses, brush pen, and do some outlining to see how that looks.

  • I love the giant! I think if you started doing some strong lights and dark.....Example would be all the sides of the house kinda have the same value, the giant would cast a shadow by his hand, and more shading on his face, the people behind the rock......I think you ad some more shading it will really help the depth, great characters!

  • @andyg Thanks! Great ideas. I'll use my phone and try it out.

  • @bennyschmidt12 Thanks. I will work on that. Need to be a little more fearless :-) But, using th ephone to look at it frst or printing it off as Andyg said should really help too.

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