Clip paint studio for ipad

  • Noticed this yesterday I thought some of you might be interested

  • I've been using it. It's solid. I'm particularly excited about the animation tools. I'm holding out hope they abandon the subscription model though. All of the arguments about developers having the money for updates fall flat for me when I consider that Procreate is $10 flat and is consistently among the best selling apps AND consistently is putting out major updates.

  • @dottyp I am loving it. It was my favorite desktop painting app even over photoshop so I am spending quite a bit of time in it now on the ipad. Procreate might not get used as much as it feels a tad clunky compared to the smoothness of the brushes in clip paint studio. =D

  • I have not got an ipad , but as I use Clip paint 90% of the time this would certainly make me reconsider it. glad to hear you are liking it

  • @jazeps-tenis Thanks I agree the subscription is a bit annoying, but I am still glad it is available for ipad now.

  • This is great news! I use both Clip Studio on my desktop and Procreate on my iPad but I massively prefer Clip Studio. Thanks for sharing!

  • @jallott t is great news all I need is the ipad now lol

  • I'll try it for the 6 months but I refuse to buy subscription software.

  • If I get out of what I need from it I will pay the sub no problem. It's rather small, one trip to the coffee shop worth. I was paying Adobe 50 a month and not using anything but PS occasionally and I will use this a ton more. I had a sub to astropad studio for when I fought the lag and worked in CSP from the ipad. I cancelled it and this is the same price so I am actually getting a six month break hehe.