Inktober at the Mountain Beehive

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    There's many intriguing prompt lists, which ones to choose??
    Since it's my first time attempting Inktober I decided to stick to the official prompt list and try not to get too overwhelmed. Here are my inked entries so far, all sketched frantically close to midnight (since living in Sydney gives us more time with the leading timezone, more procrastination is inevitable)

    SWIFT - two drawings were done (plus a dozen draft sketches), but I wasn't satisfied with either of them
    alt text alt text

    DIVIDED - stripes and birdies, inspired by illustrations on a napkin from a spontaneous picnic at a park that day
    alt text

    POISON - Radomir from the 'Healer's Apprentice' USSR film, a very whimsical and lighthearted piece of film
    alt text

    UNDERWATER - Patrick from under the sea
    alt text

    LONG - I used an old sketchbook scribble to ink over and added colour blocks in photoshop
    alt text

    SWORD - grandmother bee vs a wooden minecraft sword xD
    alt text

    SHY - one of my main fictional worlds 'Kinza Planet' and its first robot inhabitant
    alt text

    CROOKED - it was a difficult one to dream up, but I was happy to do at least that tiny bit of watercolour practice
    alt text

    To be continued!

  • Oh, I like all of these :-)

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