Inktober (removed)

  • Day 8!
    I started dabbling today with the maru nib for the first time. It's a nice compliment to the g-pen nib. I used it on this one for the finer hatching. I was a little short for time today, so not a whole lot of thought went into this, but I had fun with it and like the general composition.

    Tomorrow is supposed to be our first snow day of the year. I'd like to reflect that in my work, but we'll see! Onward to 31!

    alt text

  • @jazeps-tenis snow day?! We just have various forms of rain...

  • The last few years have been really underwhelming with snow at the foot of the Rockies here, so we're well overdue for this. :P

  • Day 9!

    Mr. Bearis tracks the airship to the snowy mountains.

    alt text

  • @jazeps-tenis gorgeous simplicity

  • Day 10!

    I was away from the house for a lot of today so I had to do something quicker. Just a little fan art of one of the Koroks from Breath of the Wild. The maru nib didn't like this paper very much, but I did my best with it.

    alt text

  • Day 11!

    Rougher bear folk. I did this one with a nib I've never used before (the Brause Steno Blue Pumkin) with no under drawing. I like that nib a lot. It has a faster flow than a g-pen and it draws so smoothly. I don't think it has as much range in terms of thickness, but I can't say for sure. I didn't push it that hard since it's the only one I have right now. I would do some things differently if I were doing a more refined piece, but this is my first pass at a new character for the Bearis world. I know he still looks a lot like Bearis, but there's plenty of time for him to develop.

    alt text

  • @jazeps-tenis Hi Jazeps - I thought I'd do a little draw over to show you that your perspective if off a little. I hope you don't mind :)0_1507851633601_3445646.jpg

  • @will-terry No not at all! This is very welcome. I'm at a point now where I can see more of the issues after I've put it all together but I can't see them while I'm building the image. After Inktober I'm going to go through the perspective class and see if I can't remedy that.

  • Day...12? Day 12!

    I had fun with this one. I'm crazy busy lately with other life things, but Inktober has a real hold on me. It's become far more of a priority than I even really anticipated. I just really want to say that I did it. I want to know for myself that I showed up for 31 straight days and made art with no excuses.

    My work thus far has revealed to me that I do have a style that I quite enjoy (which wasn't the case up until now), it's just the medium I was using (digital) seems to have been obscuring it. There's just something about feeling the nibs flex under your hand and the feeling afterwards of raised lines indicating the realness of what you've done.
    It means a lot to me.

    In terms of the work itself, I've been going through "Rendering in Pen and Ink by Arthur Guptill a little bit at a time and started doing a page of the pen exercises as a warm up. I know my inking has plenty of weak points, but at least in my mind, it's getting more interesting to look at. At any rate, that's it! I have to go do a color study for one of my Nathan Fowkes classes and then to bed to do it all again tomorrow!

    EDIT: Oops, the URL changed and I hadn't noticed. Reuploaded!

    Old man Newfbury was as pleased as pumpkin pie to have his picture in the local paper...

    alt text

  • This one (Mr. Newfbury) is my favorite so far! Well...this one and the fox samurai! great characters!

  • My favourite too

  • @eli @MF-James Thanks! I only just created him yesterday for this piece but he's quickly become one of my favorites too. I can definitely see using him in a story in the future!

  • Inktober Day 13!

    Nothing special here. At least in it's current form. I got some Strathmore art cards which are 2.5" x 3.5" and I thought it'd be fun to try doing an Inktober thing at a tiny size with a maru nib. It was fun, but the results are a big pile of meh. That's okay. I'll get another crack at it tomorrow.

    alt text

  • Day 14!

    I find myself wanting to work on larger pieces without waiting for Inktober to end, so I'm splitting it up over a couple of days. This is a WIP of what I started today.

    alt text

  • Day 15.

    I kind of lost the plot today. I had a greater vision for this than what I was able to achieve but my mind kind of just froze and I auto-piloted in some not so great ways. I'm at the point now where I have some pretty decent days, but I'm not consistent yet. I'll keep getting mileage and working towards that.

    alt text

  • Day 16.

    Just some Acorns today.

    alt text

  • I've never managed to get past day ten so hats off for getting this far! I've enjoyed looking through your illustrations and I look forward to seeing day 17 - 31.

  • @ians Thanks! The furthest I made it before this was day 5 and that was two years ago. I feel pretty confident that I have it this year though.

  • Day 17!

    Trying something new. I wanted to dip into some tools that I don't typically use and try a style that I never do.

    alt text