Uk company looking for author illustrator (or either) deadline end of month


    Not applying for this personally as I haven’t anything ready. Small company, I’ve looked through their product list and they seem to favour inclusivity, younger primary and preschool picture book; international/multicultural. There’s quite a bit of focus on questions or other work that could come out of working with the book, so I suspect that some of their business at least comes from schools in the U.K.

  • Sorry, end of next month!

  • Thanks for sharing! . I only have a question. I wrote and illustrated a book (it's in the book dummy stage) so there's only four finished illustrations, but I haven't done any copyrights. Should I still submit it anyways?

  • Do you know if they only accept submissions from Iranian authors/illustrators? The publisher specialises on Iranian heritage and its list includes only books where at least one of the creators is Iranian...

  • Pass on both accounts.i only put it up here as it seems quite open. Someone sent me the link. New publisher thought so may be looking to expand?

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