Contest Winners for August: "Worst Fear"

  • @aska oh, n forgot to add that other finalists done a great job too:-) It would be a dream to have all those pieces in ones portfolio.

  • Congrats to all the winners, you guys deserve it! @TessW, I just loved yours, there is so much emotion in it, and it's so beautifully done...totally a winner!

  • Congrats Tess, it´s a great work and all others too, this was a awesome contest. ;)
    I've enjoyed watching all the works.

  • Congrats to all! Was fun to see all these come together. Nice work @TessW and @Tyson-Ranes

  • Congrats @TessW and thank everyone for the up votes and help! I wrestled with this illustration allot I actually almost stopped working on it at one point. The forums are super helpful on allot of fronts one being the pool of critiques from unseen angles that can really help you refine your illustration. The competition win loose or draw is so good for growth I can't recommend it enough. I definitely recommend posting works in progress and getting help from others. Really happy with this community, forum, and SVS I just wish I had more time in a day!! Really cool diverse pieces from everyone. Looking forward to seeing all the next batch.

  • Wow, some fantastic work here! Some I've only just seen for the first time. Any one of these could have been a winner. Congrats to @TessW for taking the top spot, I know you worked really hard on this. Kudos to @Tyson-Ranes for #2. Solid work everyone!

  • Congrats @TessW and @Tyson-Ranes and all the runners up really wonderful work .

  • That is some awesome work! Great job everyone!

  • @tyson-ranes Hi Tyson!
    Where would I find the Win, Lose, or Draw competition? Thx in advance!

  • @wendyinca you found it! I was referring to the monthly SVS forum competitions like the new one for September "transportation". I was just making the point that "win, lose or draw" it's always a win in terms of personal artistic growth. Escpecially if you tap into the pool of artists by posting your work in progress on the forums for critique. The process itself is a refiner. Give it a shot!