How to get liquid to look transparent

  • @eric-castleman It's looking great. I love how you've kept the liquid very soft looking inside. It really helps with the mood of the piece. The bubbles really help sell it. Not sure what you have planned in terms of the marshmallow, but I think you could push it so it looks more marshmallow-like. Maybe have the stick pushing through the top of it, shorten the proportion, and have a little toasting action going on.

  • @tessw yup, we ste on the same wave length. Those are my next few ideas. I have a poker going through the marshmallow in the drawing, but wanted to wait until I had the chrome on the burner correct. Softening up the marshmallow is something I have pondered, but the mid area is the next nightmare I have to tackle, so hopefully I will get those ideas right on when it comes to that part. Thanks for the insight. Very helpful.

  • When i can't post an image, it is often because I didn't choose the forum I want to post on. If I click on general and then try posting the image again, it works. Don't know why that is but that is my experience.

  • Maybe if you can show a hint of the background through the liquid, like the table top lightly behind it? And the table top would be a little askew behind the bottle, right?

  • I keep looking at the thickness of that beaker, and it seems too thick. Agree on showing a little of what is behind the liquid.

  • Been super busy with scbwi stuff, and then my four year old son chipped his front tooth today on the side of the pool (ugh!), so just sitting down to this for the last hour or so. Here is where I am at with the body, and onto color, which will obviously require reflective color. I rounded out the marshmallow, per everyones suggestions, and finished the poker.


  • Done for the night. Any suggestions about lighting and glow to add to objects would be appreciated. Still have yet to relaly finish the foreground. Also, I'm going back and forth on him having hair or not.


  • Update. Starting to mess with transparent liquid a bit more. Struggling with how images would bend in round glass. Also, does the marshmallow still read as a marshmallow?


  • Shortened the marshmallow. Why I had it looking like I did, I don't know.


  • @eric-castleman I think it reads more like a marshmallow now that it's shortened. You might try squishing the shape a little with some indentations of where it was held by the fingers to force it on the poker. Not necessary, just a suggestion to see if you like how it fits with the piece. Also, I personally think the baldness is fine but having some wacky mad scientist hair on the side could potentially make for some good storytelling. I like how the piece is coming along, thanks for sharing your progress.