SVS 3rd Thursday Topic

  • I think how to get the most out of studies would be awesome!

  • @katrina-fowler Did you see last's month's third Thursday. Will went over all of that.

    but to speak to your question, can you make it full time as a children's book illustrator, the answer is pretty much no. I don't know any children's book illustrators doing only book illustration. They teach, they do concept design, and all sorts of other things. The only exception is for people who win the Caldecott medal. That tends to make things easier.

  • Hey, @lee-white Looking forward to "Finding Your Style," the title card looks fun... good job as always.

    • I would personally love to see you guys (at least occasionally) revisit the subscribers/students submit illustrations for draw-over/ critique format.

    • More interviews with different industry professionals would be great as well... agents, editors, art directors, writers, etc.

    • Another "writing for children's books" would be great. Maybe with a more current/up and coming author... I got to meet Tammi Sauer at a recent SCBWI conference, she would be a great choice (if she's available). "Realities of being a children's book author" or something like that.

    • Studio tours... or, building a great artist's studio... what you need to have, etc. I know this is really subjective due to choice of medium and certainly because of differing personalities, but maybe a top 10 must haves in your freelance studio?

    • Beginning to end, real-life project breakdown would also be great. The whole process exploded... always fascinating and certainly valuable information.

  • @lee-white Would love to see the SVS team each take a prompt from thumbnails to finish - basically seeing the process for each of you - maybe each showing thumbnails and talking about how you chose which one to go with - each showing your color comps and talking about those decisions - and showing the finished piece - .......this sounds like a better idea for a class maybe? - or not a good idea at all 🙂 i would love to see the different ways you each approach the same assignment and the different thought processes involved.

  • @lee-white Thanks Lee. I'll check it out!

    I also wanted to throw out the topic of 'grouping characters/ dynamic character placement' Like a birthday party or family dinner or kids on the playground etc. Placing 5 or more characters in a scene in such a way that it doesn't look like they are lined up for inspection? Thanks!

  • @kevin-longueil I think that's a great idea, Kevin!

  • @katrina-fowler I like that idea too, katrina. Figures interacting in a scene would be nice.

  • @kevin-longueil @Lee-White has a great page on this on his website in his blog called the making of a painting

  • @katrina-fowler great idea!

  • @lmrush Thanks Lisa i'll check it out!