September 3rd Thursday - Charly Critique

  • @Lynn-Larson ok will fix, thanks!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears You have such a unique style and I have enjoyed watching the color progression... I've learned a good deal from it and thank you for sharing!

  • @tallison7 Oh, thank you so much for saying that I always feel like my work is not as good as others. You have really given me the boost I need today!

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears You should never feel that your work is not as good! it is beautiful, and you have a very fun style! You should be very proud of this piece :D

  • @Lynn-Larson thanks Lynn you are very kind to say that. I am just always feel behind because I don't know as much as others but that is why I am here. Thanks for your reassurance I always appreciate it!

  • I have been trying to update this piece so that I can keep it in my portfolio. Any suggestions to improve it will be so appreciated.

  • Looks really nice - i think i see why possibly that you moved the boy ...for the story...he was was too close to them before and they would surely have seen him....if that is why i think i always read it as the fairies having accepted their discovery by the child - i mention this because i really like the "S" composition in the previous version where the child was closer - i think one of my favorite parts of the painting is the golden glow on the two dancing fairies - when i scroll up to to i think "wow, that looks great" - i think moving them to the left put them on a lighter background so the lost that "pop" that they had (unless you muted the lighting there) - i see that you got rid of the tangent between the foreground fairy and the dancers though by doing this but i think even a small space between the three would suffice - ...o.k. so that was my "i liked the "s" composition" meanderings - it really is very nice though and i will not make another peep about the "S" composition.....beyond that i think you are down to minutia with adjustments - two things that popped out were the main fairies arms and the belt around her waist - i think that the elements that make up the belt should recede and diminish in size as they go from the center to the did this from the center to the right - because the shapes get larger on the left hand side of the belt is serves to flatten the body of the fairy - the singing fairies arms just need a little tweak - there is a pinch effect at the wrists and a swelling of the forearms that throws the anatomy off a bit - if you hold your arms up and angle your hand slightly down just like the singing fairy is....look at where your forearm meets your wrist and transitions into the hand - the lines there are much harder and straighter in life - more like an angle made by two straight-ish lines - forearms are roundish near the elbows and transition into more of rectangular shape near the wrists - so i think flattening the upper line on the forearms near the wrist and about a third of the way back toward the elbow would be good on both arms....pretty sure i'm not making sense :) - i'm not near my cintiq and will be away most of the day otherwise i'd do a quick draw over - i would shoot a quick reference photo and work from it if you are able - one other thing i think would be to paint out the lines on the singing fairy's dress just like you did on the faces of the pigs (but you would be going darker in most cases instead of lighter....unless you added bounce light behind and to her right)...... one last thing that does not really need changing but i will throw it out there is the ruby on her forehead is not centered and i'm sure this is intentional but my brain keeps wanting to move it to the left to be in line with the center of her face.......long winded as usual and feel free to disregard of course :) - your painting is really looking great!!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil made your corrections, what do you think?

  • It looks better for sure! - i like that we enter the painting right where the boy is standing instead of discovering him later on - this is just opinion of course but i think this composition has a really nice flow to it - i am imagining that there is space for type at the top of the page too - the two dancers have that magic "pop" again that was lost in the last version (this is my favorite art of your painting) - the arms look better and so does the belt - i like that you have straightened the fire out a bit too - i think it looks better now without the dark crisp lines on her dress - i like too that you reduced the scale of the boy and the dog from the original it just looks really well put together now - i will say that when i put my thumb over her forehead and the ruby that her face seems to have much more volume - try doing that and see if you agree - if you do i think it may be two things that we are removing that improve the overall feel of the face when we do cover it - i still feel that the ruby is a bit too far to the right but that is not the thing that is flattening the face though - i think if you lower the scarf so it does not make such a high forehead and curve the lines that define the bottom edge of the head scarf so they meet lower and at the center line of the face that it will give the head the volume that the face has - you may have to reduce the size of of the ruby if it is too close to the eyes...not sure abut that though - i think curving those lines will really do a lot to give the head volume - you could also call it finished too because it really does look great Thrace!

  • @Kevin-Longueil thank you so much for hanging in there with me! I really appreciate all the advice!! Are you going to do this month's challenge? I sure miss seeing your work!!

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