Ladybug Hustle

  • Just finished this today. Done on the I-pad Pro with Procreate. I wrote the story for it on my Instagram, as this illustration reminded me of my mom and the small town that she used to live in an isolated town in British Columbia. They didn't even have a highway into town until the 1970's and the only way in was by train, so it was a pretty sleepy place0_1497394316655_01cbf0e21c10e46b3b947b8eaeeda22938cbfe3e5d.jpg

  • What a charming illustration!
    Would you mindif i made one critque??

  • @NizhoniWolf for sure! My wife already suggested lipstick which was a good point.

  • @Doodleworx I think i only really noticed it because i struggle with it myself. But my critque is in reguard to the mountains. I feel they overpower the main characters. As its a digital peice i don't know if playing with the satutation would make a big differance or not??? just a thought ^_^

    Ah yes lipstick seems like it would suit this character!

  • @NizhoniWolf Ok, thanks! I will fiddle around with it a bit, I have only just recently started messing around with the levels and what they do. There is a lot you can do with digital; it's a bit overwhelming at times.

  • This post is deleted!

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