Doodleworx's Sketchbook

  • This is called 'The Beaumont Bandit.' My sons high school mascot is a racoon and it is in need of a update. I drew this for fun and my son loves it. Our community is an old French Canadian town, so I thought it would be fun to throw in some old 'three Musketeer's' into it. I am very happy with it, I think I will ink it and send it off to the Principal to see what he thinks.

  • This one is called 'LOeuf.' He is an egg Voyageur character and I wrote a story for him on my blog on my website. I really like this character and I am thinking about using him again.

  • The Adventure of Flash Chicken! I love the old, cheesy science fiction from the past, so this is my take on Flash Gordon. Plus, who wouldn't want to fly on a giant waffle space ship? You can find the short story that goes with this on my website.

  • I drew this for my wife, as she requested a picture for her office. She loves owls, and she works for a large Canadian construction company, so I made her into a cartoon. She loves it, so now I have to paint it!

  • My completed painting for my Wife's office! She loves it, so now I have to print it, frame it and bring it to her work.

  • Completed illustration of my L'Oeuf (The Egg) Voyageur character. I drew him in ink several years ago and in Inktober as well, and finally painted him with Procreate.

  • Here's my Christmas illustration for 2017, a little late posting it, but better late than never!

  • Revisited this illustration over the Christmas break and put some more time into it and I'm much happier with the results!

  • Reworked this one as well. I have been reading Andrew Loomis' Creative Illustration, its an old book, but very informative and I picked up more than a few useful ideas from it.

  • Another updated illustration, I did some major reworking of the lighting and colour.

  • Rework of 'Ladybug Hustle.' Updating my previous years illustrations with what I have learned. I only started digital around this time last year, so it has been a bit of a learning process, but I am getting there (I hope)!

  • Another reworked illustratin for 'Baron Rookhaven.'

  • 'Anubis' rework.

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