Singing Trees?

  • A bit scribbly but i was hoping to get a little feedback before i went any further - From the prompt it seems that i need to show that Charly is deep in a forest - that he hears singing - that he hears dancing - that he i peeking out - and that the tree is huge - questions are - do the trees look like that are singing? - do the boots look like they are dancing? I think i will change charley to have a better gesture, more cautious maybe - but i am wondering if you see anything that is not quite working. Thanks! Singing Trees psd.jpg

  • Oh like it, though i would have charley seem more scared.

  • Thanks Steve - i agree - he i's a bit of a placeholder right now and does not seem to be reacting properly to what is in front of him -

  • I really like your unique take on the prompt. The trees are very expressive, and I love the dancing boots. I know it's rough right now, but the top of the image isn't reading for me. I can't tell is it's sky, tree tops, or something else. I'd suggest making sure that all reads well before you go into the fine details of the image.

  • Thank you Shannon - i was just looking at your thumbnails/value studies - very well don love the perspective and the composition works very well - When i first read the prompt for this months third thursday Akira Kurosawa's Dreams popped into my head - i saw it once in 1990 i believe ( when it came out) - in it a small boy in a cedar forest witnesses a procession of foxes - a marriage procession - something you are not supposed to see - also reading the original Brothers Grimm at the moment ...vey dark stuff :) i did not consciously go for that feeling but i must say it sure looks like those thoughts influenced my image - cannot wait to see all of the ideas people come up with - ....i agree about the sky..i think a posted this a bit soon...there will be a canopy of leaves there ...possibly moonlight...anyways thank you for taking the time to respond to my drawing

  • This is incredible, the trees are amazing! Great story I think you have a potential winner here and I can't wait for you to finish!!

  • Wow - thank you so much Thrace!!

  • I love the energy wow! Although I will agree with Steve, I think Charley needs a bit more, more facial or bodily reaction to the wonders he is seeing. :)

  • @Kevin-Longueil Wow! – Stunning skills and I love the expression of the trees. All of them have different characters and body shapes. Nice!
    As mentioned before, Charley should interact more with the environment: he could lean forward to the path, away from the tree; with cocked legs and the right arm partially extended as if he was surprised.

  • @Kevin-Longueil What a cool concept. Yes, I think your sketch is communicating your ideas very well!

    I can't quite put my finger on it, but I feel like something is off about the woman. She doesn't quite feel like she's a part of the scene to me (even though, obviously, she's making the boots dance, etc). Is there a way you could make her feel more connected to the trees? I think even having the left-most tree gazing more directly at her could do it.

  • @Maile-McCarthy Oh, I thought it was a man?! ö.ö
    Kevin, now that Maile points it out, I think the paralanguage is a bit withdrawn. Maybe the silhouette opens, if the legs are not crossed.

  • Thank you all so much for taking the time to critique my drawing. I really appreciate it!

    lyddie_lee -Yes - for sure i agree - i need to draw some silhouettes that read well as being cautious i think - his pose now is too bold

    Fabienne - agreed about the pose....and it is supposed to be a man....but i will have to work on that :)

    Maile McCarthy - I see it now - i have not really worked him out very well - this is in the "does this work compositionally and story telling wise "phase - i did a quick scribble of a bootless man to see if it felt right - i like the overall feel of the drawing - part of your critique was knowing that the man reads as a woman! - true he has long hair but i need to work on that! thank you - i also believe that i have trouble grounding figures in a composition.....i am assuming when i add shadow and define the ground plane that he may seem to be less of a floating figure - Steve young pointed out in my Astrid drawing that she seemed to be floating in front of the craft and not stepping off of it is something i have to watch out for - :)

    Thank you all again...this is a great community!

  • @Kevin-Longueil Haha. Glad my mistake proved helpful!

    And my apologies to the man in the picture. My son has waist-length hair. I should have known better than to jump to conclusions ;) But seriously, I think it was something in the lips that read as feminine to me, and maybe the tightly crossed legs.

  • I really like your idea, something magically. Can't wait to see more from you.

  • Thank you Naroth!

  • The trees look fantastic! Really can not wait to see the final version when its ready!

  • Thank you Rich!...Like yourself i took a detour 17 or 18 years ago away from my passion and am only now starting to draw again. Great to be back at it!!

  • Here is he too realistic?...i have really struggled with him..but i think i like him now - i finally gave in and used reference - my nine year old posed for me :) - i started painting a while ago and decided i din't like the boy i had ...the fiddler was not right and the trees needed work so i went back and have been tweaking the drawing - i have not worked out my background yet and some values ..i have been all over the map with both...just wondering about the boy though...if he is working for you guys - Thanks for any thoughts you might have cropped.jpg

  • Oh, I love it!! I knew this would be so good and possibly my favorite!! Great job, I can't wait to see it painted!!!

  • @Kevin-Longueil I didn't read what you wrote before I was just looking at the illustration. Charly is just as realistic as the fiddler and I think it is wonderful that your son is part of this incredible piece!

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