Art Dump

  • @chip-valecek i guess the reason for that is, that when you are playing and dont expect great results, you are simply relaxed. And that is a good state to create great things:) i really like this creature. I think that is one of your coolest creations.

  • @chip-valecek said in Art Dump:

    Thanks everyone! I am finding when I play around and just sketch for fun I get the most response where as the pieces I spend the most time on thinking about do not. Gets one thinking on what they should focus on.

    You know what? I've kind of been hearing this lately as I've been listening to artist's youtube videos. I believe I even heard Will Terry mention it in one of his videos? It does get you thinking though. I don't think it should stop you from doing well thought out pieces however, especially if you plan to take on client work. I personally feel it's good to have a mix of just for fun pieces and more planned pieces. The balance is going to make you a better artist. And until you've put out a lot more pieces, another factor could be at play. . . like you've just happened to choose a more popular subject matter, or you've given the subject a cuter face, etc.

  • @tessw I have also been thinking about this a lot. The things that take off on Tumblr vs Instagram for me are both wildly different, and usually the dumbest/silliest/most mindless pieces. I think, honestly, the general public on social media really only wants soemthing that's easy to consume and spread. So if they have to look at a piece too long, they're less likely to enjoy it and pass it along! MADNESS.

    But I like to think of my Tumblr and Instagram audiences as a completely different group of people than art directors and publishers, who usually want depth and complexity. Social media is for junk food art- sketches, doodles, fun and fast and simple. If someone likes your stuff, they'll then go find your portfolio and enjoy the more advanced stuff.

    Anyways, that's been my interpretation so far. I think Lee and Jake have both touched on this during some videos, too.

  • Good work.

  • @jake-parker ooh! I'm glad I was looking at Chips work :-) That is very helpful to me too! I tend to have flat pictures and I can see where it might cme from!

  • @chip-valecek Love it! :-) Chip, I like all of these pictures. They are a lot of fun!

  • Found a new brush that I love. So I did a few pieces of fan art. I always loved The Princess and the Frog, here is my Dr. Facilier


    Then while cleaning I came across a box of post cards "The Art of Disney - The Golden Age 1937 - 1961" So much great reference and inspiration. I plan to do more studies from it. Here is my first. Dumbo...


  • The brush looks like a good one. It creates a nice texture. Looking forward to your Disney studies. Dumbo always makes me cry.

  • Another Disney fanart piece. Did this one between this months prompt on "Fear" and working on a website redesign go live.


  • Had to do a little fan art of Pennywise. I can not wait for IT!! Maybe goes a little with this months prompt of FEAR lol.


  • Why not a sexy frog? Hey how you doin?




  • Adding to my dump... I spent my holiday vacation being a chaperone for my oldest kids high school trip to Nashville and then down to Disney World. During the bus ride down when I had some free time I did this piece.


    Then on the way home inspired by Disney and all I saw I did this one.


  • @chip-valecek I actually don't know what Pennywise is but, I like this picture!

  • @marsha-kay-ottum-owen Pennywise is a character from the movie IT.

  • A little inspired by Aaron Blaise this past week. I wanted to do sort of a study of his process.


  • I was added to a group on facebook and they have a weekly contest to use a photo and colors to inspire you. Well living in Chicago we got hammered with snow all week. So that inspired me to do this today.


    This is the image to base your idea from: