Hi from Czech

  • Hi,
    since there was some confusion regarding my name in August 3rd Thrusday session, I realized i did not introduce myself, so let me make it right :)
    I am from Czech Republic, Jiří is translated as George and its pronounced "Yiree". I was drawn to art for as long I can remember. Probably because of comics. It all started with my Mom reading me Mickey Mouse comics as I could not read it myself yet :) But I never gave drawing enough time.
    I could never imagine it is possible to make money doing illlustration so since I was also fascinated by technology and how you can program PC to do basicly anything I went IT route. Long story short, at some point I realized if I want to learn illustration I have to give it much more. So I try to spend as much free time drawing as I can and hopefully I can get to some level to work just part time in IT and part time as illustrator.
    And here is some of my better works with all the mediums I like to use: Polychromatic colored pencils, pastells, vectors(adobe Illustrator), oils, and now also digital painting(Sketchbook Pro until I get Photoshop).

  • wow great work, there is life in your work, have you considered getting; painter light, manga studia or michief. there all reasonably well priced.
    oh you can download paint sai version 1 for free.

  • I considered Manga studio and Sai, never heard about the other two. I decided to try Sketchbook pro because I liked the interface very much. Currently there is one thing that pushes me to Photoshop - texture brushes, I really liked the effect Will Terry was able to do in his paintings using texture brush and I just dont know how to simulate it in Sketchbook Pro. There is texture brush, but it is no use as it uses just really small texture image.

  • One way to simulate a texture brush is to add a layer mode with a texture on a top layer.

  • @Jiří-Kůs very nice work, and it's great to meet you! Congrats on your win!!

  • Hey Jiri!
    Huge Congratulations on the 3rd Thursday piece

    As to Photoshop - i heard something a while back that Adobe had made one of their earlier versions all legally free. I think it was CS2.

    Wait... after a bit of research - yep. they made it free by discontinuing the license server and tech help.

    Hope that helps!

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