My Astrid entry :)

  • my astrid

  • @Kris-Knight haha love the alien bear! The wallpaper is a nice space themed homage as well :)

    This looks like something I would've done as a kid lol

  • Well done Kris! So many great entries this month - Good luck!

  • Nicely done!!

  • Great idea and painting!!
    I am not sure if I like that glow and white background for the text. I guess I would just desaturate a bit whole background.

  • @Jiří-Kůs
    Thanks :)
    The lighter area behind the spaceship helped with a value problem I was having, otherwise it would have been dark on dark and it really would not have worked. I really wanted to make sure the values read well in this.

  • @Thrace-Shirley-Mears
    Thanks :)

  • @Kevin-Longueil
    Thanks Kevin :)

  • @DanetteDraws
    I'm sure lots of us did stuff like this as a kid. I know I did :)

  • I did a quick paintover...and it really is hard to make it work :) Dont know if mine version is better, but something to think about :)
    I was thinking, lighter background, darker foreground, rim light, very light inside ship and window

  • Wow Really funny piece well done.

  • @Steve-Young
    Thanks Steve

  • @Kris-Knight 2 light sources is hard, man! But the light hitting the bear's face on the quick paint over works really well.

  • can't say I am a fan of the paint over. To me it loses detail and the piece looks smoky and blurry.
    @Lauren M.
    not sure what you mean by the light hitting the bear on the paint over. The light was already there, the paint over just made the bear darker.
    I went with Lee White's comments as he did paint overs on the Jack and the Beanstalks. Some of his areas didn't have the "proper shadow/lighting", he was mostly concerned with the details being "read". So that is what I did here. Wanted details and the values to come through and not get lost in the piece. You could argue that there are more than two light sources in this piece also. There is the window, the light in the ship, a green light coming from the astrid's right side (easily seen on her helmet), the bear shows light coming from his left side (outlining his face and foot), possible lamp from behind the ship creating a glow look, as well as a key light that illuminates everything from straight ahead so the detail of the characters can be scene.

    Here is the value comparison of my original and the paint over that was done. Values are not bad in the paint over but to me it also loses the details of the two characters as well as Astrid's costume. And the smoky type look the paint over created. The bear becomes a dark on dark. Part of Astrid also becomes dark on dark because half her body is overlapping the ship.

    astrid2_value Paintover.jpg

    I do think it would have been possible to make the background lighter but by doing so I feel like I may have lost some of that space feel on the walls which I wanted.

    Just my thoughts :) Thanks guys :)

  • Great idea...very funny! The box would glow a warm tone if it had a lamp inside it. This will be an excellent image for critique because there are so many great things found in this image.

  • @Kris-Knight I agree, I like your original still best, but I do agree with Jiri on the white glow text box area. Why don't you keep it as the dark wall (with minimal space details) and reverse the type (ie. make the type white)?

  • @Kris-Knight I really love the use of the desk light inside the space ship box for light. It is those kind of details that really bring the imagination to life! Nice job.