Sept 3rd Thurs

  • After playing around with composition, finally landed on one that seems to work. This is the sketch with a quick value study thrown over it. Still not happy with how the rope is hooked to the ship. Going to work on that more, but wanted to post some process.

    original thumbnails:

    Current Work:

  • What is it that Thomas is reaching for? Possible extra tension could be another astronaut that he is trying to grab his hand.

  • @Chip-Valecek There's actually a cat-alien on the little asteroid by his hand. The idea was a Fireman getting a cat out of a tree in space. If it's not reading, I need to exaggerate the cat-alien more. Thank you!

  • @girlgregg I could tell he is reaching for something but hard to read what it is. I also really like the perspective of the bottom left from above.

  • I love the pose and the tension of the breaking line, but I wonder if you might rework the concept just a bit - have him reaching for something that increases the tension since I'm not sure the viewer would understand that he's a fireman and that's a cat/ alien. Maybe he's reaching for his oxygen tank which has come loose - between that and his breaking line that would be tense indeed. Or, if you want to keep the fireman idea, I think you need to add some more details to really sell that he's a fireman space guy. Just a thought.

  • I agree that the perspective of the anchor near the camera and the ropeline are really great! You have such beautiful lines and curves in your work, really nice drawing style!

    One thing that is really focused on in animation, and that I try and carry over to illustration, is making sure your poses carry a strong silhouette so that the pose reads well at a glance. Keeping limbs from overlapping the body too much can really help. Excuse my crude example, I don't have a tablet with me so this is my trackpad attempt to show what I'm talking about:


  • @Rebecca-Hirsch Thank you for your feedback. I haven't had a chance to update the pic yet. I was focusing on the composition and need to re-evaluate the space cadet and alien relationship and design. I'll def see if I can make it more tense. :)

  • @natiwata Thanks! I've been fighting with the perspective up till now. I agree that the front arm needs to be moved for a stronger silhouette. I will definitely work on this when I have the chance. Thank you for the compliment on my linework. I'm really trying to get more movement in my lines, but my drawings always stiffen up when I paint them. Always new things to figure out. :) Thanks again!

  • Wasn't able to work on this for a while. Just updated the spaceman to look more like a fireman and fixed the silhouette. Also changed the alien cat to be more pronounced and threatening. :)


  • The story comes across so much better now - great work! Will be lovely to see the finished piece :-)

  • The cat reads much better now as well as the fireman. Looking forward to seeing it colored.

  • This post is deleted!

  • Oh my gosh! Working so hard on this! Hopefully I can finish! I have a work shift today so will probably have a late night/ all nighter ahead of me :( Just wanted to post an update to show how far I've gotten, but still a lot to do! I'm a bit stuck on the rope... Thank you for all the feedback! You guys are the best!


  • @girlgregg This is looking great!

  • @girlgregg love the color scheme you have gone with on this piece! Very nice

  • @girlgregg Love this. Nice work.

  • ok going to sleep and then taking one more look in the morning before I submit, but I feel that this is pretty done. still any last minute feedback is appreciated. Thanks :)


  • It turned out great!

  • Here is the official finished version! Thank you 1000x for all the great feedback and support!


  • 0_1473885193038_thomaswave1.jpg
    here's mine