What I learned at Illustrators Day

  • Thank you for sharing your experience! You demonstrated a lot of courage and I can relate to so many of your thoughts and feelings! I need to constantly remind myself to stop self-deprecating, keep on learning and trust that my work cannot do anything else but improve if I stick to it. And yes, showing stuff to others constantly is very important - one has to detach his/her sense of worth from the work in the instant it is finished, so that one can be pro-active in searching critique and feedback. SVS is a really great resource for this!

  • Way to go! I felt the same way attending my first SCBWI conference, waiting to be discovered as a fraud and kicked out. Thankfully they were lovey (most of the demons I know reside in my head), but I did have two bad experiences at conferences two years ago. Felt really low when I came home, burned all my stuff, took down my website...and got back to work. Thankfully along came SVS and the monthly subscription! I have a way to go yet but I'm at least on the right path. I like Will Terry's slogan - "Fail Forward". I have failed multiple times since I started this but I learn from it and keep going. Good for you for getting out there, keep it up!

  • I can not even begin to tell you how proud of you I am Marsha! You took a huge step on so many levels here and I just know it will continue to lead you to new and exciting experiences in the future. Big huge THUMBS UP to you!!!!

  • @Susan-Szecsi Ha! Ha! I wish I woudl have met you. Maybe I did :-) I was standing by the wall a bit too. Where do yo live in teh Bay Area?

  • @smceccarelli But you're so good! I am surprised to hear you say that but, i tmakes me feel better. I guess we're all self conscious about our work. Thank fo rthe good advice. I appreciate you!

  • @Rich-Green Thanks, Rich! That means a lto to me :-)

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Believe me, no artist is so good that he/she does not struggle with self-doubt and overcoming the fear of exposing one´s work to critique!!! Even very famous and successful illustrators share those feelings! Somebody once told me it is because artists expose a piece of their soul in every work they do - this makes them very vulnerable.
    I think this makes them very special too - and I am very proud to be able to push beyond that fear over and over again - like everybody here does!

  • @smceccarelli :-) Thanks :-)

  • @Marsha-Kay-Ottum-Owen Yes, it would have been nice to meet. Maybe next time? I live in Berkeley. Where are you located?
    I am planning to go to the Laurel Bookstore October 15th.There will be an SCBWI illustrator meeting with Amy Novesky. Also, probably I will attend another event called Social Sketching. It is in San Francisco next Wednesday, September 7th 6:30pm-9:30pm.
    They advertise the event on FB it is at the Chronicle Books' space. I am really curious about it. https://www.facebook.com/events/1061948583901540/
    Let me know guys if you are coming.

  • @Susan-Szecsi I'm in San Jose. I won't be able to make those two. I really don't liek to drive to SF if I can help it. I need to get over that, pronably :-) My husband works in Berkeley at NERSC in Berkeley Labs. It might be that I could drive in with him for an event in that area at another time. It's always nice to have the carpool lane :-) One of these days we'll be in the same place! :-)