Lee Here!

  • Hey everyone, I'm Lee White and I've been illustrating professionally for the past 12 years. I've also been teaching illustration/concept design for the past 10 years. I have about 25 books out and a bunch more coming in 2015 and 2016. You can check out my work here: www.leewhiteillustration.com

    I'm married and have a 4 year old son who keeps me on my toes. I'm currently living in Portland Oregon (which is JUST LIKE Portlandia if you are wondering!).

    I'm super excited to be on the SVS team and can't wait to do more videos. We have so much in store it's crazy!!! Seeing all of your artwork makes me very happy so keep posting! : )

  • I'm excited for all that you guys have going on as well! Looking forward to continued knowledge expansion!

  • Hi! Love your illustrations!

  • I'm a big fan of your work Lee. You seem like a great guy and you have the gift of instructor. You fit in well with Jake and Will.

  • love your works, they are amazing I'm a fan.

  • Thanks Guys! I really appreciate it! : )

  • Welcome aboard this wonderful ride of adventure and education.

  • I'm so thrilled you stop in and offer up wisdom! The fact that instructors pop in and participate is one of the reasons I love it here so much

  • BTW: I mentioned this on another thread, but my "Visual Storytelling" video is almost done and will be released in Sept. It has a ton of cool things in it regarding how to build story and make more compelling story driven illustrations. : )

  • I'll look forward to that!

  • Hey Lee, It's great to see you've joined with Will and Jake (and all the others) at SVS. You probably don't remember but I took an illustrator class from you and John a few years ago in Portland. (Alberta St) Glad you are doing so well. I'm still plugging away at the art thing. I go from Fine Art to Illustration and everything in between. I've been on a kick to get back in the swing of things. I look forward to watching your instruction on SVS. Yes, I bought a years subscription in hopes of getting a portfolio more in track with Illustration. Anyway. I'm grateful to have the opportunity to learn from you and the guys! Cheers!

    (From some apartments you used to live in. LOL)

  • Hi Katrina! I just messaged you on your red riding hood piece. I do remember you! Glad to see ya here! : )

  • @Lee-White hi Lee, Ow, thats really nice! I love your work and style. But also, the tips you give out for improvement are so helpful. I am looking forward to join your next class.

  • Looking forward to your course Lee!